Apple is sued again for patent infringement with Apple Pay

Patent firm RFCyber ​​has initiated a new legal proceeding for alleged patent infringement against Apple. The heart of the lawsuit is based on the infringement of intellectual property in Apple Pay, the payment system of the American company that serves both mobile devices and Mac. The linchpin of the lawsuits is based on the use of NFC.

The patent infringement lawsuit filed by RFCyber ​​has been filed in the United States Court for the Western District of Texas. The RFCyber ​​complaint alleges multiple patent infringement covering contactless mobile payment methods involving NFC, secure items, and other technologies implemented in Apple Pay. Named in the lawsuit are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,118,218, 9,189,787, 9,240,009, 10,600,046, and 11,018,724. Specifically, patents 87, 009, 046, and 724 are all related to and based on patent 218 filed in 2006 and granted in 2012. The patents describe the methods by which payments are initiated on a device and accepted by a terminal. point of sale using some form of wireless communication, including NFC and RFID. Internet sales are also covered by certain patents.

What is RFCyber ​​asking for in its lawsuit against Apple? We could think that the technology with which Apple Pay and the like are being used would be restored and attributed to him, because it is known that he has also initiated lawsuits against Google and others on the same issue. Nevertheless seeks compensation for damages as well as cover the cost of court fees.

We do not believe that it will come to fruition, since previously other Courts have ruled in favor of Apple in very similar cases. But you never know how such a trial will go. But of course It is not the first that the American company faces. Experience, you have. And a lot.

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