Apple Music already has its application for LG Smart TVs

It is clear that Apple was completely right when six years ago it decided to create its own streaming music platform to “tickle” the almighty Spotify. Today it has many millions of subscribers and is extremely popular.

And the company wants you to enjoy Apple Music on as many devices as possible, even outside of your precious Apple environment. The example is that you can now install its new application compatible with LG Smart TVs and enjoy its music in your living room.

Apple wants you to enjoy the catalog of music and audio podcasts on as many devices as possible, even outside its environment. If a few months ago he already surprised us with the specific Apple Music application for the Playstation 5, now it has just launched a new version, this time for LG’s Smart TVs.

If you have a LG smart TV and you are subscribed to Apple Music, you can now enter the application store (LG Content Store) from your television and install the application to enjoy the entire catalog of songs that the platform offers you.

Apple has not submitted an official list of LG TVs compatible with the Apple Music application. So the only way to check is for you to enter the LG Content Store of your TV and check if the application appears to be able to install. If so, you are in luck and your device is compatible.

So you can enjoy the millions of songs and podcasts that Apple Music has available on your LG TV, no need to depend on your iPhone. Apple is betting very strongly on its streaming music platform, and it wants you to have the possibility of enjoying it also on non-Apple devices. A great success, without a doubt.

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