Can the Magic Keyboard on the Mac be connected to an iPad?

If something cannot be discussed, it is the quality of the keyboards that Apple manufactures for its own devices, especially that of the Magic Keyboard, and yes, we speak in the plural because there are two different models of this keyboard, one especially for iPad and another especially for Mac. However, many users wonder, can the Mac’s Magic Keyboard be used on the iPad? We’ll tell you about it in this post.

Steps to connect it to iPad

There are different models of Magic Keyboard for Mac, those with a numeric keypad and those withoutbut it is that in addition, within each of these, you can acquire it with or without Touch ID. If you are interested in the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad and Touch ID, you should know that it is also available in two different finishes, which are black and white.

The Mac Magic Keyboard is a Bluetooth keyboard like any other, and although it is indicated on the Apple website as being special for Apple computers, the reality is that by having this connection technology, you will be able to connect it with any other device, and of course also with the iPad. The steps for this are as follows.

  1. turn on the keyboardmoving its tab to the right.
  2. On your iPad, open the app Settings.
  3. Click on Bluetooth.
  4. When the keyboard appears in the “Other devices” section click on it.

magic keyboard with ipad

With these simple steps you will already have connected the Magic Keyboard of the Mac to your iPad, and you will be able to use it without any problem, enjoying the great user experience that typing with this keyboard provides. Of course, you have to take into account that the versions with Touch ID, this unlock method will not work with the iPad.

Is it a good alternative to the Magic Keyboard of the iPad itself?

Surely one of the questions that many users will ask themselves is whether it is really worth buying the Magic Keyboard for the Mac to use it with the iPad, especially if we compare the price which has this respect to the iPad itself. The most expensive version of Mac reaches 205 eurosbeing the numerical version with Touch ID and in black, while the iPad one, the cheapest one, stays at, at least, €335this being the version available for the 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air.

iPad + Magic Keyboard

The reality is that the fact of whether or not it is worth it depends on many factors, especially the use that you are going to make of the same device. If you only need to use the keyboard at home and, in addition, you already have a support for the iPad, surely the price difference is worth it, since you will save a good sum of money. However, if you want take advantage of portability that the iPad gives you to be able to work with it in different situations and, above all, in different places, the potential that the Magic Keyboard for iPad gives you is much greater, especially in terms of comfort, since otherwise you would have to be transporting not only the iPad, but also the keyboard and the support with which you want to use it.

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