Apple opens the hiring period for the first Apple Store in India

We have been talking for many years about Apple’s plans to open its first Apple Store in India, a country where there are a large number of Apple franchises. The initial plans went through opening the first Apple Store in 2021, But due to the pandemic, plans have been temporarily delayed.

They have been delayed until now as Apple is accelerating its employee hiring efforts For what will be the first two Apple Store to open in the country, as can be read in the LinkedIn post published by Nidhi Sarma, Apple’s chief hiring manager in India, where you can read:

Today marks one of the major milestones in the creation of Apple Retail’s history in India.

We are looking for staff for the first two Apple Stores to open in the country, specifically in Mumbai and Delhi.

A job at Apple is unlike any other you’ve ever had. It will challenge you. It will inspire you. And you will be proud. Because whatever your job here, you will be part of something great and extraordinary.

So if you are someone who is passionate about offering exemplary experiences and enriching lives, this is the place for you.

You can now sign up for some of the different positions that we have available.

Apple offers more than 13 positions available in various locations including technical specialists, store leaders, specialists, senior managers, operations experts, managers, geniuses among others.

Despite being a luxury brand in the country, Apple has doubled its market share in the country thanks to the opening last year of the Apple Store Online. Apple will begin its expansion in India with two stores, one in Mumbai and the other in Delhi, although for now we do not know the date that Apple handles for its opening.

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