Apple plans to launch a new monitor at half the price of the Pro Display XDR


If an Apple user plans to purchase a Mac mini, they also need a display. And if what you are buying is a MacBook, it is very likely that you also need a larger external screen to work with the laptop at your desk.

So the first thing he does, as a good fanboy of the brand, is to look at the Apple Store which monitors can be bought that fit his new Mac. And that’s when said user gets a three-nosed pissed off. Only two models of external monitors are available. One costs 5,499 Euros and the same but with 6,499 Euros nanotextured glass for the wing. But this may change shortly.

Currently Apple “forces” Mac mini and MacBook users to work with third-party, non-Apple monitors. Simply because it only has one external display model, the Pro Display XDR With a prohibitive price for most mortals: 5,499 Euros and 1,000 Euros more if you want it with the matte glass without reflections. An animated one.

But Mark Gurman, has published in Bloomberg, that Apple plans to launch a new external monitor that will cost about 2,500 Euros. Although it will continue to be expensive compared to the offer of quality monitors that you can find in the market, at least, you will have an option to choose an Apple screen at half the price of the current Pro Display XDR.

This information fits with the rumor dropped by the Twitter leaker @dylandkt, when he explained that LG Display he was designing three new screens for Apple, 24, 27 and 32 inches. Presumably the first two would be for the Apple Silicon iMac, and the 32-inch for a new external monitor.

Hopefully all this is true, and soon we will have the possibility to buy an external monitor from Apple at a more affordable price than the current Pro Display XDR.

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