Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 132

Safari Technology Preview

The new version of Apple’s experimental browser is now available to all users. In this case it is version 132 and it arrives just when two weeks have passed since the launch of the previous version. As always in these new versions some common errors and bugs are corrected in addition to adding the typical improvements in JavaScript, CSS, form validation, Web Inspector, Web API, WebCrypto, media and performance improvements.

As all or almost all of you already know, we are facing an independent browser to experience news and with a totally free download that any user can install on the Mac. In this, the rule is clear and simple, the more users try this browser, the more feedback Apple receives to detect errors and apply the necessary corrections. Also, as we always remember in the updates that arrive that for be installed no need to have a developer account and anyone can download by simply accessing the Cupertino firm’s developer website.

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