Apple returns to the face-to-face sessions of “Today at Apple” in Europe

Apple has resumed, this time it seems that yes, “Today at Apple” face-to-face sessions at most Apple Stores in Europe, including Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and Brussels, offering users the opportunity to meet, as before the pandemic, to learn, collaborate and explore the world from Apple devices and be able to get the most out of them.

Manzana suspended the Today at Apple in-person sessions last year Due to the coronavirus and although, little by little, the Apple Store was reopening, the Today at Apple sessions were no longer available in person, becoming online classes through YouTube.

Initially, the company expected to return to normality in both Europe and the United States on August 30, however, the increase in infections of the Delta variant and concerns for the health and safety of staff and customers pushed the company to delay the return to face-to-face sessions from Today at Apple a day after the announcement of his return.

In place of the face-to-face sessions, Apple has been publishing the Today at Apple sessions on YouTube, sessions of all kinds that They range from photography to drawing to art.

If you want to enjoy the return of these face-to-face classes, you can book now and participate in Today at Apple sessions by checking the web for the date, time, and availability of your local store.

As a precautionary measure, Apple urges all attendees to use masks, to maintain social distancing and to take additional health and safety measures based on local conditions.

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