Apple seems to have everything ready for the production of its mixed reality headset

Manzana has shown interest in augmented and virtual realities for a long time, but the company, whatever the circumstances, has not finished delving into it. However, everything indicates that the Cupertino giant could start deploying its artillery next year, since its kit of mixed reality will arrive in early 2023 and has apparently reached a exclusive agreement with Pegatron for the assembly of the corresponding device.

Apple could have everything ready for its mixed reality headset to be mass-produced from March 2023, so its launch would take place sometime next year. As we have already said, the company that created the iPhone has had its sights set for years in the segments of augmented and virtual realities, but it does not seem that it has finished hitting the key at the level of technologies and products. In fact, three years ago we echoed that he canceled the development of augmented reality glasses.

In case the production of the mixed reality device is confirmed and despite what we have just exposed, it is possible that the amount sent during the year 2023 will be small, less than one million. This leaves the door open, taking the law of supply and demand as a reference, for the retail price to be high.

Production profitability of the initial line of mixed reality headsets is expected to be low, however, Apple partners seem to be willing to work and collaborate on the project to demonstrate their technical capabilities and thus better position themselves in the market. The fact that Apple is around, thanks to the power of its brand, makes it easy for companies to raise money in the capital markets to finance their activities.

It seems that Apple, now, is seriously paving the way to enter the fields of virtual and augmented reality with a mixed reality device. Regarding the presentation and sale dates, these are still confusing, but the logical thing now is to think that reservations could open during the second quarter of 2023, with the start of the WWDC conference that would be held in June.

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