Are you a digital SME? Check it out with two simple tests

Knowing the degree of digitization of an SME is now easier thanks to two official tests, launched by Acelera Pyme, which allow identifying the areas in which to improve the digital level.

Although digitization has advanced enormously in the last two years, not all companies have done so at the same speed. Now, an SME can find out if they are digital or not, and how they should improve with two simple questions.

The platform Accelerates SMEs puts at your disposal two tests that allow obtaining the necessary information to check the degree of digitization from the indicators on digitization at the European level, DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index), and DII (Digital Intensity Index).

Thanks to these two self-diagnostic tests, SMEs will be able to assess the status of their level of digital maturityYou will identify in which areas to focus the transformation process. Likewise, it will also help them to monitor its evolution by obtaining a roadmap with the steps to follow to digitize the business.

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But from Acelera Pyme they also want to help small and medium-sized companies accelerate their digital transformation, so these tests also contribute to obtaining specific help when accessing specific information on each area of ​​digitization to improve their skills.

X-ray of the state of digitization of the SME

The first one is an express test with 13 questions that the employer can answer quickly and easily and in about 10 minutes. Once filled in, the SME receives the result with its level of digital maturity of its business, which can be very low, low, high or very high.

Along with this result obtained, the company also knows the national reference values ​​that allow it to know its degree of digitization compared to the average for Spanish SMEs.

But those small and medium-sized companies that want to know even more details about their digital level and how to advance, also have at their disposal a more advanced test to know the level of digital maturity of the company.

It is a somewhat more complete questionnaire, which can be answered in about 20 minutes, since it consists of 47 questions, which vary depending on the activity sector of the company and the number of employees.

The questions in this test are organized into eight areas related to digital transformation such as digital strategy, digital organization, infrastructure and technology, cybersecurity, customer relations, marketing, business processes and support processes.

Once this questionnaire has been completed, the results allow the entrepreneur to know his level of digital transformation and which areas are the ones that have advanced the most in this regard and in which he should place greater emphasis in order to improve.

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