“I feel like I’m going to die”: the heartbreaking letter from a 12-year-old girl victim of “bullying”

A 12 year old girl he told in a letter he wrote to his mother that he is victim of bullying and in which he asks you to help him. She began by writing that horrible things are happening to her, “I can’t stop shaking and I can’t breathe well. I swear I never hated these people so much. Mom, please, you have to do something ”.

According to Unesco data, one in three students suffer bullying or bullying, a study carried out in 144 nations. What has physical and psychological consequences for children and adolescents.

The minor is in the sixth grade of primary school and has been a victim of this situation for a year, and she points out in her story: “I feel like I’m gonna die. Please help me. I love you”.

The letter was made public by the girl’s mother, in addition, she explained that her daughter had panic attacks and cried constantly during winter break.

In an interview for the Carlos Paz Vivo portal, he explained that her daughter vomited and had a fever every time she had to go to class, which made her think that something was wrong. “We took her to the doctor and she was doing well physically,” he added.

The girl was left with messages in different parts of the school, she said, and I was constantly being insulted. “They make fun of her when she presents a work in class and they leave her out of school activities,” he said.

He also denounced that the girl was excluded from going to a camp, which was at the request of two mothers of the group and that the contract had already been signed, the owners and workers of the site explained to him.

The woman tried to talk to the mothers to reverse the decision, but they blocked her. “If there was no authorization from those mothers, my daughter could not go, therefore, they left her outside. She was totally excluded from the place, without the possibility of enjoying with her companions. Today my daughter is distressed at home, very sad and depressed, “he said.

At the school, there was no response regarding the case and no solution. “We agreed to make a record, but the director ended by saying that it was better not to call the parents of these children because it would be worse“said the woman.


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