Are you the target of cybercriminals on the Internet? Check it

If you want to properly protect your data, passwords and devices to work properly, it is key that you make things difficult for attackers on the Internet. Giving them facilities can put your security and privacy at risk and cause serious problems in your day-to-day life.

Who do hackers attack?

It’s important to know that anyone can be targeted by hackers on the Internet. However, as you will see there are certain profiles that may be more in demand. They are, since they will have an easier time obtaining data or actually launching successful attacks.

Information exposed on the Internet

The first thing to consider yourself a target for hackers is to think about whether you have exposed information on the internet. By this we mean, for example, that you have posted comments in open forums, you have used a platform where your data may be available to anyone, etc.

All of this can be collected by cybercriminals. They can use it against you, to launch new attacks and compromise your security. They could even impersonate your identity, simply by having certain data that, by mistake, you left exposed at some point in the network and today they use it against you.

open social networks

There is also the issue of social networks, logically. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram are some of the favorites for cybercriminals. Do you use them in your day to day? Do you have them open so anyone can see what you’re talking about or what your interests are? That puts you in danger.

What we recommend is that you have private accounts. Avoid leaving profiles open, as this will give a hypothetical attacker the opportunity to get to know you better, to find out more about you with everything you share on social networks.

You use public Wi-Fi networks

Another point to consider is public Wi-Fi networks. Do you often connect to networks in places like an airport, mall or library? You could be targeted by hackers. They are going to look for people who connect to networks that they can control, to see what you do on the Internet, intercept your data, passwords, etc.

If you want to browse public Wi-Fi networks and do it safely, it is best to use a VPN. You can use programs like Surfshark or NordVPN. This will make the connection encrypted and improve your privacy.

Risks of a public Wi-Fi

You do not update your equipment

do you have your updated appliances correctly? If you make them obsolete, you will certainly be a target for cybercriminals. They are going to look for possible vulnerabilities to sneak in a Trojan, virus and steal your passwords. This can happen both on the computer and on mobile devices.

What you should do to avoid it is to always update everything very well. Install the latest versions of the operating system and any programs you use. It is key to improve security and avoid many problems.

age influences

Be careful, we do not mean that cybercriminals attack only a sector of the population; what does happen is that they adapt their techniques depending on the age of the victim. If they have collected information about you, they will know how old you are. They will be able to launch a more personalized attack to be more successful.

They mainly attack older adults, people close to 60 years old, through false messages by WhatsApp or SMS. Surely you have heard the scam of the message “Mom, my mobile has broken and this is my new number. Talk to me, please” and the like. They seek to interact with that person to later try to make a payment. Today, a large part of the elderly are able to send a Bizum, enter their card details to buy something online, etc. That trick is played by cybercriminals.

Regarding younger people, especially in the environment of 20 years, they will go more through social networks. They will seek out targets by sending them fake offers for products that might interest them. They’re going to look for you to click a link, download something, or even make a fraudulent payment.

In short, as you can see, these are some profiles or objectives for hackers on the Internet. Although complete anonymity on the Internet is difficult, you really do have many options for improving your security and privacy. You should always avoid making mistakes and make sure your devices are well protected.

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