Attention: MP3 is celebrating, Microsoft turns 45 and you must update these programs

Although it may not seem possible to some, the truth is that technology has been with us for several decades. Some of the most important companies that we can find today, have been among us for many years to demonstrate this that we tell you.

A clear example of all this is found in what could be considered as one of the current software giants, Microsoft. This is the firm that develops and is responsible for some of the solutions or software that mark our lives when it comes to technology. This is the case of Windows operating system, the Office suite or the Edge browser. We can also talk about Teams, that most current platform that has allowed us to be in contact these months with our loved ones, colleagues and friends.

The most important software company turns 45

Well, we tell you all this because this is an important firm that has just turned 45 years old. We tell you all this because in the past November 26, 1976, Bill Gates and Paul Allen registered the Microsoft trademark. This is something that was carried out at the time in the office of the secretary of state of New Mexico. Therefore, this lady date can be considered as a milestone in the history of technology.

microsoft environment

From there, the growth and development of this company began to achieve the objectives that it is setting today, which are not few.

Your MP3 music is celebrating

But this is not the only celebration that we can mention to you today, but we are also going to talk about one of the most used multimedia file formats for years. And it is that on a day like today, but in the year 1995 the MP3 file format. This also became known as MPEG Audio Layer III to, over time, become one of the most used formats of this type around the globe.

As a curiosity, we will say that its original creator was a German scientist named Karlheinz Brandenburg, to whom the regulars of digital music owe a lot.

Top software updates of the week

Today we are Friday so we are at the doors of the weekend. Therefore, we are going to tell you some of the Software updates most important that have been launched over the last few days.

  • LibreOffice 7.2.3: you can now install the most recent version of this office suite. It includes improvements and new functions in some of its main integrated applications such as Math or Base.
  • XnView 2.50.3– This powerful file converter now receives new formats that it supports, plus some new functions related to photo editing.
  • NTLite– This Windows customization app now receives new settings pages and an analytics feature to measure compatibility. In the same way, the last errors detected in its operation have been corrected.
  • Bandicam 5.3.2: this program focuses on the screen capture to obtain videos of the system or our games. The update shows us more detailed information during the capture process, resource consumption data and various errors are corrected.
  • TeamViewer 15.24.5– Popular remote desktop software is updated with account activation enhancements and refreshed controls when we’re managing a PC remotely.

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