Your PC can’t run Windows 11, but these devices can

Windows 11 shoots up the requirements compared to its predecessor. And not only because of the increase in RAM memory or storage space (how rare is it that someone continues to use less than 4 GB of RAM or has an SSD with less than 64 GB of capacity), but because of the demands in terms of CPU and modules of security.

Requirements Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10

1 GHz (32-bit or 64-bit) 1 GB in 32 bits
2 GB in 64 bits
16 GB in 32 bits
32 GB in 64 bits
Not Not

Windows 11

1 GHz, new generation with 2 cores, 64-bit 4GB 64 GB Yes Yes; TPM 2.0

But, although Microsoft tries to make us go through the hoop, in reality users are always one step ahead of the company, and have managed to install this controversial OS on computers and devices that, by far, do not meet these requirements.

The Raspberry Pi could not miss Windows 11

Yesterday we told you about the milestone of a user who had made this operating system work on a Raspberry Pi 4. This is the latest version of the micro-computer, and it has, among other things, 3 GB of RAM, an aspect in the that no longer meets the requirements we just saw. But the thing has not stopped there. Users have continued to lower the demands and finally got Windows 11 to work on a Raspberry Pi 3, a considerably less powerful version of the micro-computer.

This micro-computer has 1 GB RAM memory and an ARM Cortex-A53 processor. Of course, a far more important achievement than getting it to work on a Pi 4.

Your CPU is not supported? This Pentium 4 yes

There are many users who have tried to test this first build of Windows 11 on high-end computers, but with a few years already (such as a 7th generation Intel Core i7) and they have found that, for Microsoft, their CPU does not comply with the requirements.

Obviously, Microsoft has not left these operating systems out of support at random, but has done it to try to unify the ecosystems where Windows runs and thus be able to reduce the number of errors when using and, above all, updating the PC. However, this OS works flawlessly on all kinds of older processors. And this video shows us running in a Intel Pentium 4 651, a processor released in 2006 that is also only 32-bit.

Do you have a Lumia at home? Install this new Windows

If the achievements from before seemed impressive, let’s go to this new one that is even more so. A user has managed to install and run, with great results, Windows 11 on a Lumia 950 XL. This mobile was launched on the market in 2015 and has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage space. In addition, its processor is 8 cores at 1.5 GHz. There are more powerful computers where it has not been possible to install the new Microsoft OS, but in this Lumia there has been no problem.

As the user who has managed to make it work, it is a Windows 11 running on a small screen. And everything works the same as on PC or any other device.

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