AU Optronics presents its screens up to 480 Hz

On the occasion of the celebration of the SID Visualization Week 2022, AU Optronics (or AUO) just gave us a sneak peek at its upcoming products, with a first demo of its upcoming display panels including a 24-inch desktop monitor and ultra-wide laptop panel with refresh rates of 480 Hza new AmLED (adaptive mini LED) panel for laptops, and a laptop display with integrated cameras.

Thus, it is surprising that, for all of them, we find ourselves before some TN panels, currently more disappeared in high-end screens in pursuit of other technologies such as IPS or high refresh rate VA. Although this does not mean that AU Optronics can leave us speechless by offering us some response times of around 1 ms, with a Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of up to 480 Hz.

And it is that although it is not the first screens to reach this figure, the fact that these figures are reached under a resolution of 1080 pixels is a milestone, being in fact the first monitor in the world to do so.

However, this does not mean that there are not already games that are already optimized for these very high frame rates. Mainly oriented towards the eSports scene, these panels are presented as a really interesting option for titles such as Valorant and CS:GO, in which it is possible to reach more than 500 fps at 1080p with the right GPU and CPU, and where every frame can be a huge competitive advantage. Although, without a doubt, they are also interesting for lovers of driving simulators such as Gran Turismo 7 or Asseto Corsa.

Although from AU Optronics they have not wanted to mention when one would expect to be able to see an official announcement and availability of the first products that use these screens on the market, from some media they affirm that it is already planned to enter in production this year.

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