Avast: free antivirus has a firewall for more security on Windows

Avast now includes a free antivirus, thus reinforcing the protection of devices under Windows. In its free version, it allows you to block dangerous connections. Its paid version gives access to advanced features, such as the user alert during an address spoofing.

Credit: Avast

“The VPS viral database has been updated”. Does this sentence ring a bell? So you are (or have been) one of the many Avast users, the most popular free antivirus on the market. If the latter regularly discovers new malware, this is not its only function. The firm regularly produces new studies to warn its community, such as the one which found that half of Windows PCs are at risk from outdated software.

To further its role as protector, Avast announced yesterday that a new essential security feature is joining its ranks: the firewall. Included in its free offer on Windows, it allows you to navigate with a clear conscience on all networks. When the antivirus detects an unknown network, it blocks all connections of external devices thanks to Public mode. Private mode, meanwhile, is activated on home networks or networks already in use, and blocks dangerous access.

Avast now offers a free and paid firewall

The Avast Premium Security paid offer benefits from advanced features. The user is in fact alerted when his ARP address is attacked and when his PC is scanned by malicious programs, preventing hackers from infiltrating its network. The firewall also prevents data leakage, thus protecting its privacy.

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“As our world becomes increasingly digital, people’s privacy can be threatened on many levels, often simply by connecting to a public or local online network.”, commented Vita Santrucek, Product Manager at Avast. “Due to the complexity of today’s threats, it can be difficult for people to keep track of and understand how to best protect their digital lives. “

Source: Avast

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