Avoid spyware and protect your privacy with these tips

And it is that since the Internet began to be part of our lives on a regular basis, it also caused the appearance of all kinds of malicious software. These include spyware, ransomware or other types of computer viruses. They all have in common that they threaten our privacy. That is why it is convenient to know the measures that we can carry out so as not to end up infected.

Spyware, what it is and how to intuit that we are infected

Spyware is a very common type of malware that is characterized by running in the background. In this way it takes care of gather information and control our activities to notify the hacker later. This malicious software is capable of monitoring everything from our usual Internet browsing patterns to gathering personal information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., so we must avoid it at all costs.

We are facing a type of malware that is quite deceptive because it hides in the background so that we cannot detect it. Despite this, it is capable of leave some traces in the form of symptoms that can lead us to deduce that it is hosted on our computer. We can deduce this if we see that our PC has become much slower than usual. Also in the case of too many pop-up windows. Likewise, if our browser has a new home page that we have not configured or it has a toolbar that we did not install, it is a clear symptom.

In the event that our computer has symptoms of being infected by spyware, it is recommended to install an antivirus and antispyware software that allow its elimination. Otherwise, nothing better than knowing some measures to take to prevent the appearance of this spyware.

Tricks to prevent this spyware

When it comes to preventing ourselves from being infected with spyware, it is important to take some precautionary measures, starting by always keeping updated both the operating system and our security systems (antivirus and antispyware). By having up-to-date software, it will be able to detect and remove any new and advanced malware. Also, it is convenient to be selective with the programs we download. If we are going to download an unknown application, we must inform ourselves well to avoid containing any malicious software inside it in the form of advertising.

Nor can we ignore the use of a secure browser. In this way we can reduce the chances of downloading spyware on our computer, since they have their own tools to avoid it. Popular browsers like Firefox or Chrome may seem like good options, but there are safer alternatives like, for example, Tor browser, specially designed to protect our privacy and security.

Tor Browser portable browser

Another aspect to take into account is to deactivate the autorun from any USB deviceas it is one of the most common ways for malicious software to enter our system. In addition, we must be careful with antispyware scams. These scams in the form of spyware avoidance tools not only do nothing, but also degrade system performance. On many occasions they try to hook us with free analyzes and then request a fake product.

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