Which liquid cooling brand is better: EKWB, Alphacool or Bitspower

When we are going to assemble a liquid cooler in our computer, the choice of components is very important, from the blocks for the CPU and even the graphics, through the pump and even the fittings, they can be decisive to have a good assembly or a mess of the fat ones Among so much choice we have different brands and each one with its most outstanding products; We are talking about EKWB, Alphacool and Bitspower. Which is the best choice?

EKWB, Alphacool, Bitspower are international brands more than recognized in the circles of fans and enthusiasts for the assembly and use of liquid cooling in our PC and each of them has its strongest points, whether by design, performance or price.

Which brand is better? EKWB vs. Alphacool vs. Bitspower

EKWB Block

To say that one brand is better than another in every way is always bordering on misunderstanding, especially if we are talking about brands that are more than recognized for their quality and that have been in the sector for many years. With this premise, we can see that the different brands that we are talking about have some matching products and others do not, so we are going to tell you, in our opinion and experience, which products of each of these brands are the most outstanding and where “ would win” in a comparison.


We have talked a lot about this brand. To make a comparison, it would be like Porch of liquid refrigeration: you buy a good product and that, in addition, in its surcharge you have the implicit brand, but you pay with pleasure because you know that it will give you and it will not disappoint you.

Within EKWB We have several products that stand out, but compared to the rest of the brands mentioned, the Slovenian one would be our first choice to choose and look to choose a cooling block both for our CPUs as for the GPU. The quality and test results make it stand out notably when choosing a cooling block.


The least known in general by PC users, but the Braunschweig brand has been fighting and cooling Europe for many years. Possibly it is the better choice if we are looking for a configuration or components price quality They offer more than proven benefits, good results and cost are not bad at all.

Alphacool Eisbaer

In our country it is also easy to find the brand today, you can go to Amazon or Coolmod and you will find a good catalog of products and if we are talking about these, apart from the fact that it is very possibly the best quality-price choice, if for something Alphacool stands out in liquid cooling, it would be for its radiators, without a doubt a great success if we opt for an AIO from the Eisbaer series.


The Taiwanese bitpower They have been behind them for 11 years in the exclusive world of liquid refrigeration, although in Europe and more specifically in Spain their presence is almost residual since they have never had a stable supplier in the region and every enthusiast looking for the brand ends up buying their products in Germany. It is a brand to keep in mind, especially in recent years where they have been increasing their product line-up and diversifying families, yes, always focused on the world of liquid cooling.

If Bitspower stands out for something, it is for its wide and economic catalog of fittings, both for flexible tubing and for rigid tubing, they also have a range of accessories very focused on LEDs RGB more than interesting to complete a montage of RL on our PC.

Bitspower RL

As was already anticipated at the beginning of this article, the premise of comparing an entire brand would be a mistake, since, as we have seen, each brand stands out for something. Going deeper into each family, the recommendation could still be hurried much more for specific models, but this would already be very dependent on the hardware that we want to cool and the one that each one has, and it is that compatibilities and even predisposition of the product must be taken into account.

The best thing is always -taking into account compatibility as a maximum- choose the products according to our needs regardless of the brand, but if you still want to buy everything in one place with EKWB it will be easier for you due to its availability both in stores and in variety of products.

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