Bauhutte presented a hand massager

With a great deal of confidence, it can be argued that almost every one of us knows at least one person who has been playing video games for many hours, doing 3D modeling, working in Photoshop, video editing or any other work related to a PC that requires a long stay at him. And perhaps you yourself are such a person. Be that as it may, such people, regardless of the type of activity, are faced with one common problem – severe hand fatigue. This fact was recently realized by a large Japanese company Bauhutte, which decided to help gamers and all people working on a PC.

As a result, the aforementioned company has created a special hand massager to help “calm and relax” tired hands. And yes, first of all, Bauhutte positions its product as aimed specifically at gamers. And if you go into details, the handheld massager called MSG-01H-BK, which can work with any hands, has a 15-layer airbag for each finger, as well as a shiatsu plate for the palm. It is also immediately important to note that the company provides two main options at once: the shiatsu mode for the whole hand and the finger stretch mode.

Also, the aforementioned massager provides several intensity settings at once, as well as an additional hand warmer, which, as the company assures, helps to improve blood circulation. The only “difficulty” in use may be that in the current version of the product, massaging the thumbs is not possible from the standard palm position inside the MSG-01H-BK. But there is nothing to worry about, because you just need to move your hand to the side so that the device can “serve” your thumb too. This handheld massager, by the way, turns off automatically after 10 minutes of use.

The Bauhutte company itself suggests and recommends using its device primarily before starting work or playing sessions in order to warm and stretch your hands, as well as during breaks and at the end of a game / work, so that tense muscles are calmed down. And in general, it is difficult not to appreciate the benefits that the novelty from Bauhutte can bring to many people. Many eSports competitors, if you are not aware, use hand warmers very actively between rounds. This is done in order to absorb moisture, keep the fingers “efficient”, and also improve blood circulation. Some esports organizations even hire masseuses to keep the players’ hands in top shape. So the Bauhutte massager is actually an extremely useful thing, which with a great degree of probability will become ubiquitous in a couple of years.

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