Before building your new computer, you need to know this about RAM memory

There are many aspects that you should take into account when assembling a computer or buying a new PC. It’s not all processor and graphics card, system performance is affected by each and every component. One of the most influential is the RAMSince the dual channel configuration brings significant performance improvements.

RAM memory is a very important component for the final performance of the system. Its speed, its capacity and its latency are some of the aspects that will affect performance. The reason is none other than that it is vital for the processor, since it stores data that it will need soon, simply put.

You must have a Dual Channel setup for these reasons

To begin with, we must explain how this Dual Channel configuration is achieved in RAM memory. First of all, the motherboard must support this configuration, something that all commercial gaming motherboards support. Next, we will need two RAM memory modules to achieve this. And finally, we must install it in the correct DIMM sockets.

First of all, we are going to see the benefits and deficiencies that RAM memory configurations can have.


  1. Improve system performance: For this type of configuration, the data is written in parallel to the two modules. What this allows is to reduce data transfer times. Above all, it is important when there is a large volume of data, such as gaming
  2. system stability: When we only have one module and it fails, the system will be affected and it will not work. In Dual Channel configurations, if a module fails, we can remove it and continue using the system (with the obvious limitations).
  3. Greater capacity: Obviously, the total capacity of the RAM memory will be twice that of a Single Channel configuration. We must bear in mind that for Dual Channel configurations it is recommended that the modules always have the same capacity


  1. Price: Obviously, it’s a no-brainer, but two modules cost more than a single RAM module. Something interesting is that, in many cases, packs of two modules can cost a little less than buying two modules separately.
  2. Energy consumption: Logically, two RAM memory modules will have a higher power consumption than having only one module. If we talk about energy efficiency, the Dual Channel configuration is bad
  3. Processor: You must take into account that the performance of dual module configurations depends on the processor. You don’t always get the best possible performance for these configurations
  4. Performance: Something that is not usually taken into account that this type of configuration is that the performance is not doubled. It adds a performance boost, but it won’t magically give twice the performance of a single module setup.

How do I have this system RAM memory

Currently, all AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors support Dual Channel configurations. Motherboards also support these types of RAM configurations. Now, we must follow a few steps to have this configuration and know how to do it.

Steps to follow

  1. Verify that the processor supports it: As simple as putting the name of the processor in Google. Normally, digital stores already show this information
  2. check the motherboard: The same as before, you search on Google or you read the specifications of the store. The motherboard manufacturer will always give you this data
  3. two modules: Obviously, you must purchase two RAM memory modules. They should always be the same to avoid problems, since frequency and latencies are crucial. They have to agree on everything, including capacity. If they are not the same, the normal thing is that the system does not work, it does not start
  4. place the ram: Before installing it, you must look at the motherboard or in the instruction manual. Along with the DIMM sockets for the RAM, the paired slots for the dual-channel configuration are identified. If you are not sure, the motherboard manual also specifies it. Some motherboard manufacturers even paint the “connected” modules differently for these configurations

socket dimm memory ram motherboard

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