Beprevent launches a solution to help the elderly in Empty Spain

The care of the old people They have advanced rapidly in recent years. If they are especially needed anywhere, it is in the most isolated rural areas.

The digitization of care for these people is allowing not only to gain quality of life but also fight rural depopulation. City councils and councils are seeing in the technology developed by the Andalusian company Beprevent the ideal solution to facilitate the permanence and independence of the elderly who live alone in their homes, guaranteeing their well-being and thus avoiding the depopulation of the municipality. This technology, easy to implement and use, makes it possible to monitor them remotely, allowing them to continue with their daily lives without needing a caregiver or family member at home.

The initiative, supported by the Minerva Program, a business accelerator promoted by the Junta de AndalucĂ­a and Vodafone, is an intelligent, simple and non-invasive system, made up of sensorized smart labels. Placed on everyday objects such as the remote control of the TV, the pill box or the walkerthe sensors monitor the daily routine of each elderly person, without them having to carry anything or do anything, reporting their activity at all times.

If the system registers any anomaly, the person in charge of your care (family member or caregiver) receives an immediate notification on their mobile. Thus, the elderly or dependent people can continue living at home feeling safe and their relatives get the peace of mind of knowing, in real time, that everything is going well.

Currently, more than 2,500 people are monitored in rural environments with this solution, some of them in the so-called Empty Spain, turning 12,500 everyday objects into smart ones. This is the case of towns in Zamora, several municipalities in Madrid or the recently established one in the Cordoba town of duke villanuevawhere a pilot project begins this week to serve 15 of its neighbors remotely.

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In the latter case, the municipality is generating a volunteer network that allows care for neighbors who do not have family support or that this is insufficient or distant.

The main objective pursued by town halls and councils with this technology is to improve care for the elderly who live alone in their municipalities, facilitating their permanence in their usual way of life and providing a service that facilitates care and attention by their relatives.

This system developed by the Cordovan company Beprevent was selected in 2019 by Mobile Word Capital among the six most innovative proposals in the world in care for the elderly, a demographic problem that many countries present.

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