beta 3.1 finally fixes fingerprint reader bug

Good news for Pixel users who have installed Android 14 Beta 3 and were unable to use their in-display fingerprint sensor, Google has likely fixed the issue with its new version.

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Just a week ago, Google released Android 14 Beta 3 which came to bring stability to the platform. Since this update, APIs and other app-related features are finalized to give developers time to prepare their apps before the release of the stable version of the new operating system later in the summer.

However, the update also introduced a significant bug, as some users noticed that their fingerprint reader didn’t work anymore. Fortunately, Google has now just rolled out a fix in its new 3.1 beta.

The fingerprint reader bug should be fixed on Pixels

According to the patch notes shared by Google, the new version has fixed two bugs on the Android 14 beta:

  • Fixed issues where fingerprint unlock was either unavailable or unusable on some devices. (Number 284360298, Number 284529436, Number 284436572)
  • Fixed platform compatibility issues that affected mapping SDKs, causing dependent apps to crash in some cases.

In addition to the fingerprint reader bug, Google is also offering a fix for “platform compatibility issues” that affected certain software development kits (SDKs), causing some applications to crash.

If you’re already using the beta on your Pixel phone, getting the update is pretty straightforward. You just need to go to Settings > System > System Update to start downloading it.

If you are not on the beta version, you can learn how to get it here, we remind you that as the name suggests, this is not a stable release. You could therefore very well encounter such major bugs as the malfunctioning of the fingerprint reader. So it is recommended not to install this version on your main device. If you want to try the new features before everyone else, you can check out our guide to installing Android 14 on your smartphone.

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