Books of movies and series that you can read this summer

Literature has always been the place where a good part of the ideas have rested that we have later seen adapted both in cinemas and on television. And it’s funny because that feedback, in the end, benefits both parties: on the one hand, those who have already read the novel and are hooked on the series or the movie, and vice versa, those who have enjoyed the Show at home and want to explore what is really told in the pages of the original work.

Summer is coming… let’s read!

If you are one of the latter who take advantage of every day of vacation, or intensive working hours, to sit down and read everything that you cannot do for the rest of the year, then you are in luck because we bring you a select list of names that it would not be bad for you to consider reviewing For this summer. In all cases they have inspired successes that we have seen in a thousand ways in recent times and, in the case of some of them, even endless sagas beyond the original novel.

So let’s go with them. These are the books you could give a try this summer 2022:

heart stopper

It has been one of the seriéphile phenomena of this year, the Netflix production that is inspired by the books illustrated by Alice Oseman and that tells us the love story between two boys that has driven millions of people around the world crazy. There are three deliveries but it is worth looking at all of them.


It goes without saying thathe work of Fernando Aramburu is essential to find out in detail how the ETA conflict was experienced in Basque society. Attacks, social exclusion and all the horrors of a part of our history that left almost a thousand dead along the way. Hard but mandatory reading and viewing, if you have HBO Max.

the age of rage

Nando López’s novel has seduced readers thanks to a stark portrait of the world his group of teenagers enters protagonist, who must face what society imposes on them, and that does not usually coincide with what they really want. That success on the shelves prompted the production of a series that you have in Atresplayer.


With the premiere of Jurassic World: Dominionsixth installment of the saga, Michael Crichton’s novels return to the forefront of today originals. Although the first of Jurassic Park is a fairly reliable adaptation of what was written by the North American author, in the case of The lost World We advise you to take a look at it because the events are quite far from the film, so reading it will be much more enriching for fans of this billion-dollar film franchise.

the wheel of time

If you want to immerse yourself in one of the most important phenomena of fantastic literature in recent yearsyou have to read the novels of the wheel of time. A really extensive collection of books that take us to a fantastic world inhabited by strange and terrifying creatures and that return us to the old fight between good and evil. A warning: these books are like pipes, as you read the first one and like it, you won’t be able to stop until you finish them all.

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