Buying iPhone + AirPods has never been so cheap

It should be noted that the discounts that we will discuss are available on Amazon. It is in this store where we can find totally new and original products as they are sold by Apple itself and not external sellers of the store. Therefore you will have 2 years warranty both on iPhone and AirPods, with the first 12 months covered by Apple and the remaining 12 by Amazon. With the possibility in addition to return the product in at least 30 days getting a full refund.

The best iPhone deals out there right now

For business reasons, Amazon is offering virtually any iPhone priced considerably lower than Apple. We started by seeing the iPhone SE second generation, which offers discounts of 50 euros very interesting in its 64 GB versions in black. If it is already Apple’s cheapest phone, now it is more with this reduction.

We do not find a reduction in the next mobile by category, which would be the iPhone XR, although we do find offers for it iPhone 11. In this case we find discounts of 60 and 70 euros depending on the color and storage capacity, having them both in 64 GB and 128 GB. An all-terrain mobile that is already Apple’s best value for money.

iPhone 11

We also find interesting discounts on iPhone 12 mini Y iPhone 12, the two standard phones of the latest generation of Apple and that have identical features except for size and battery. For the ‘mini’ we see discounts of 120 euros in its versions of 128 GB or of 110 euros in the 64 GB. For the normal iPhone 12 we find the possibility of buying it for 110 euros lessin most of its versions.

all iphone 12 mini

iphone 12 pro max

We would go to the iPhone 12 Pro Y iPhone 12 Pro Max as the two best phones that Apple has on the market right now. 137 euros discount is what the ‘Pro’ has in its 128 GB graphite color. We find less discount in the ‘Pro Max’, which also does not have a bad offer to be able to get it for 38 euros less in many of its versions.

And the AirPods, do they have a lot of discount in their price?

Well, the truth is that yes, since they are at their lowest prices and have the same guarantees as phones. On the one hand we have the 2nd generation AirPods, which have two versions that are totally identical except for the fact that one can charge its case by cable or in a wireless charging base, while the other only by cable. Taking into account that both have cable included and that it is not a relevant difference, perhaps the cheap model compensates more. Be that as it may, we find 43 and 60 euros discount respectively.

AirPods 2

AirPods Pro

Finally we find the powerful AirPods Pro with advanced functions such as noise cancellation or the possibility of finding up to three sizes of ear tips to fit any type of ear. In this case we find a offer for 80 euros less of what they cost in Apple, also having a single version that allows you to charge the case using the cable included in the box or through a charging base.

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