Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie is officially the protagonist of the film

The actor Anthony Mackie will reprise the role of Sam Wilson in the next Captain America 4. To many it may seem obvious, but until now there had been no official communication from Mackie or the gods Marvel Studios about the actor’s return as the stars and stripes superhero.

It is now confirmed that the actor has signed a deal with Marvel Studios to reprise the role of Sam Wilson in the next MCU film.

Anthony Mackie has signed for Captain America 4

Present in the MCU since 2002, Anthony Mackie began his adventure in the Marvel universe with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to get to the Disney Plus series that featured him alongside Sebastian Stan.

Who has seen the series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier knows what fate has befallen Sam Wilson and it is not surprising the news of his return in Captain America 4, although the official confirmation came only a few hours ago.

Until now there had been no statements from Disney, Marvel, or the actor himself about the return of Captain America, but Deadline reported that Mackie managed to strike a deal to star in his first solo feature film.

Details about the film are not known, including the official title of the film. It is also unclear whether Sebastian Stan will reprise the role of Bucky Barnes in the film, after fighting side by side with Sam.

They will be there to take care of the script Malcolm Spellman And Dalan Musson, former authors of the Disney Plus series. This choice indicates that Marvel intends to continue the path taken by the streaming show, taking Sam Wilson’s role within the MCU to the next level.

With Phase 4 in full swing and with a good slate of upcoming movies, it’s almost certain we won’t see any soon Captain America 4 at the cinema, but the protagonist’s confirmation suggests that the film is being worked on at Marvel Studios.

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