ChatGPT travels back to 1992 and works on Windows 3.1

Surely you are wondering the point of bringing the artificial intelligence of OpenAI to such an old operating system. Well, if we put it like this, what’s the point of NVIDIA integrating Ray Tracing into Quake?

In the end, it is not so much the sense or not of the implementation, but rather the development experience. Combining two technologies so far apart in time is not as simple as it may seem. Quite the contrary, since the capabilities of computing have increased enormously over time.

ChatGPT is now available for… Windows 3.1!

Twitter user DialupDotNet has created a ChatGPT client for Windows 3.1. What he has done is write code in C that allows this modern artificial intelligence to be used on a fairly old operating system.

WinGPTwhich is the name it receives, adapt your answers to the capabilities of computers of the time. If we ask this chatbot how share photos with our friends, he gives us three options. The first is to give them physical photos. As a second option, it tells us that the save on a floppy disk and give it to our friends. The last one would be create a scrapbook.

WinGPT has been asked which is the best computer. This AI recommends an IBM compatible computer. As an alternative, he recommends an Apple Mac or a Commodore Amiga.

Obviously, this is not meant to be general, is exploration and look for the integration into other systems. An example of use could be in IoT devices, which have limited memory and computing capacity.

But, WinGPT also claims to be a little meme in this case. We must emphasize that Microsoft wants integrate ChatGPT within Windows 11 soon. Also, AI will be at the heart of Windows 12, which is rumored to be coming next year.

Microsoft’s idea (announced) is to kill Cortana, the virtual assistant that integrates Windows and that everyone disables for being quite useless. They want to implement Copilot, much more powerful and robust thanks to AI. According to rumors, it could arrive in the second major update of Windows 11, for October or November of this year.

Using this tool has its risks

As the developer indicates, using WinGPT is not safe. The reason? Windows 3.1 has been out of support for decades and the source code was leaked some time ago. This means that there may be a lot of malware that exploits vulnerabilities in this operating system.

It should be noted that hardly anyone will have a computer at home for this operating system. Installing Windows 3.1 is currently not feasible, as compatibility is low. What can be done is to emulate it through a virtual machine, creating a fairly secure environment.

In the end, this is nothing more than a “crazy” idea by a developer to try to find the limits of the technology. It also serves for the developer to test their capabilities. It is not something that we are going to use massively, it is simply fun.

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