Will EA continue to create the best soccer game?

This year is more important than it seems because almost 30 years after the birth of the most successful soccer game saga in history, we will say goodbye to FIFA to welcome EA Sports FC. The alternative that promises to be the same dog but with a different collar and that, even so, will have to be measured from September on the same ground that the old saga has been doing.

The point is that it is evident that that transition is going to cause some vertigo in the EA Sports offices since changing a brand so radically poses an obvious risk to the stability of the entire ecosystem. Anyone who thinks that the North Americans do not keep the fear of a possible cataclysm in the most intimate of their offices, is that they have not faced from a corporation the vacuum that one is presented with when he decides to take such a step. Whether he volunteers or not.

And the person in charge of verbalizing that path that EA Sports has traced has been David Jackson, vice president of Electronic Arts’ own brand of sports games that, in the newspaper The Mirror, has proclaimed the optimism that reigns within the team tasked with bringing this transition to a successful conclusion: “There is a tremendous amount of energy in all of our studios, around the world, to achieve the goal that we know we have set for ourselves with this new brand.”

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For David, it is evident that «EA Sports FC It is our vision of the future. I think that We have done a very good job and we have achieved a great relationship over time with the FIFA organization itself, but now is the right time for us to set a new path and draw our roadmap, to be able to meet the expectations of the players where they are, and we believe we can do better. through the lens of our own platform.”

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition

What the vice president himself does not say is that a game without the FIFA brand will come out, first, cheaper since they do not have to pay because the logo of the organization that commands soccer is seen on the cover of the development itself. Perhaps for this reason, he affirms that it is “a change of mentality for us. Now we think very broadly about opportunities. And in the areas where we would like to create fan experiences in the future. We are very confident in what we are going to be able to launch on the market this year.”

What axes are they going to take care of?

Thus, for Jackson there are two elements that are basic and that directly affect players FIFA. The first is “authenticity. We have 19,000 players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues in the game right now. That authenticity is paramount to an experience EA Sports and will continue to be so in the future.” And the other is that it will be “super important to us innovation and our ability to be able to create new and engaging experiences that fans tell us they expect from us at EA.”

So things, as we advanced to you at the beginning, no one expects radical changes. Just the game logo itself and little else. The rest will remain a game of FIFA of all life only that will take the name of EA Sports FC. Or do you not believe that it will be so?

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