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When buying online, the number of options that we have at our disposal is varied. The option that many users trust is Amazon, although we are not always going to find the best price for any product, at least if we compare it with other online stores of Asian origin. In this sense, AliExpress has always been a reference when buying and save us some good money. However, in recent years, both the prices and the delivery time have turned this platform into a non-recommended option.

Shipping times are getting longer and, on more than one occasion, they do not arrive or the delivery company that Spain uses loses the package or claims to have delivered it, without actually doing so. One of the most recent alternatives that has hit the market is Shoope, an online store that currently has no presence in Spain. The one that does have a presence in Spain is gearbest.

GearBest has always lived in the shadow of AliExpress, however, despite being less known than the Alibaba online store, it has shown in recent years that it is one of the best alternatives when we want to buy anything. He not only has the lower prices than AliExpressbut, in addition, the shipments are much faster and the vast majority are completely free.

Price difference

A clear example of the price difference between the two platforms can be found in the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro, although with the new design, there is little to no quantifying pulse. This Xiaomi smart watch is priced in Spain at 79.99 euros on Amazon. This same product in AliExpress has a price of 69.82 euros, which represents a difference of 30 euros with respect to the price in Spain. If we look for that same product on Gearbest, we can find it for 65.70 euros.

Being a product that is neither expensive nor cheap, we can get an idea of ​​the price difference. The more expensive the product, the greater difference we will find, not only with the product in Spain, but also with AliExpress. If we look for price differences in more expensive products, such as smartphones, we can see how the difference between AliExpress and Gearbest is 30 or more euros in some cases, savings that will allow us to buy a quality case, a wireless base or any other accessory for our mobile.

What we must have before choosing to buy on a Chinese platform is the problems that we may have later if, for any reason, we have to make use of the guarantee and we are forced to send the product to China again, since the process can take several months, unless you have an international guarantee. These platforms are not the best option if we want to have today’s product for tomorrow or the day after, since shipping times are much higher What if we buy on Amazon. In the end, it all depends on whether we prioritize saving money or if we want to have it from one day to the next.

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