China doubles salaries to attract microchip experts

Despite the fact that the microchip crisis continues to be a hot topic, China seems to be increasing its workforce looking for microchip experts to join the industry. To do this, it has decided to double the salaries that will be well above those currently managed in the sector. The objective is clear: the country wants to attract talent and there is A lot of Workposts expecting.

According to a report prepared by the Center for the Development of the Information Industry, an organization dependent on the Chinese Government, and by the China Semiconductor Industry Association, the country needs 200,000 employees to join the microchip industry further. A high number that opens the doors to many professionals that dedicate themselves to the sector so that they find stability.

To incentivize applications for one of these jobs, China has made it clear that the minimum wage will double. In this way, it intends to attract talent thanks to this economic incentive that will interest many microchip experts. But the country also seeks to position itself as a major producer of this sector in the market and, with this strategy, it may succeed.

Working conditions will also be better

Despite China’s promises of higher salaries for new hires of microchip experts, it’s clear that this isn’t everything. Many of these professionals will not only apply for the great economic incentive, but they will be interested in finding themselves in a work environment where they are valued and can have working conditions that allow them to perform their tasks well.

This is an aspect that China has not wanted to leave aside and, therefore, has already taken certain measures. One of them has been construction of new facilitiesmuch more modern and in which workers can find all their needs covered for the execution of the assigned tasks.

Another of the measures that China has taken in relation to this has been improve working conditions. Although not much information has been offered about this, it is assumed that it will have to do with the limit of hours that workers will carry out, as well as clarify what their breaks and vacation periods will be.

China seeks to be world’s No. 1 microchip producer

What China wants is to become the first microchip producer in the world by hiring the best workers who can add value to the industry. With this, what he seeks is to innovate to achieve greater competitiveness in the market that places it ahead of many other countries.

For this reason, it is not only looking for 200,000 more employees, but establish important ties with the main companies in this sector. This will place it in a privileged position that will allow it to achieve all its objectives with respect to the microchip industry. Expectations are certainly high.

We will have to wait to see how this launch of 200,000 jobs by China evolves and see if it really ends up covering them. Also, there is doubt as to whether promises of salary and conditions will be fulfilled work, something that can be confirmed over time.

At the moment, there is a opportunity for young people who are finishing their studies or experts who are looking for a change in their career and who are willing to join this job offer. One in which the salary will be high and in which it seems that they will be able to develop professionally.

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