Chip shortage, one of the main factors that will shape the IT sector until 2023

According to many experts and consultants, among which is Forrester, chip shortages will continue well into 2023. According to this consultancy, it will probably not be resolved until at least the middle of that year, which implies that until then at the earliest, companies and technological products destined for the consumer market will suffer significant price instability, as well as availability problems. . Therefore, it will be one of the main factors influencing the behavior of the IT sector in the coming months.

This is a problem for many technology sectors, such as the Internet of Things, since it will hinder their advance. So much so that it will slow the growth of this market between 10% and 15%. In the sector they are aware that the majority of the supply of chips will go to the production of high-end CPUs, as well as GPUs. So the microcontrollers and sensors that Internet of Things devices need will have to wait longer to get the supplies they need.

But even giving priority to getting chips for the next year and a half to the manufacture of CPUs and GPUs will ensure that these sectors reach a certain normality in terms of demand for processors and graphics cards before 2023. At least in terms of the GPUs. Has made it clear Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, which according to Techradar has ruled out that the GPU shortage will end before 2023.

Huang believes that «over the next year, demand will far exceed supply«. In addition, he has ensured that they cannot do magic to change the supply chain and get more chips. Therefore, we can expect, in terms of chips, a scenario very similar to 2021. There will not be enough graphics cards to meet the demand, and the shortage of inventory will lead to price increases and resales due to the shortage of chips.

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