Chrome 100: new logo, screen sharing, Material You, here is the list of new features

That’s it, Chrome 100 is officially available. Several new features are on the program, the most notable of which is undoubtedly the new icon on Android and iOS. The browser also adopts new themes compatible with Material, and improves screen sharing. We give you a list of all the features that are coming.

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After a relatively dull 99 version in terms of new features, Google wanted to mark the occasion with Chromium 100. Available today for select users, the update kicks off with a new icon on Android and iOS. The change is relatively minimal, since the latter gets rid of its shadow effects on the logo to make way for a completely “flat” visual.

A Google designer explains that he has « simplified the main icon […] removing shadows, refining proportions and brightening colors to align with the more modern expression of the Google brand. » Indeed, the logo remained the same since 2014 and therefore needed a little refreshment.

chrome new logo
Credits: Google

See everything new in Chrome 100

Of course, this is not the only novelty of Chrome 100. On Android, the browser integrates better with the Material You interface of its user, as already suggested by previous information. Thus, the color of the menus will automatically adapt to the theme configured on the smartphone.

In addition, Google announced the arrival of a new API dedicated to screen sharing. Thanks to this, the devices will be able to detect the different open windows in the browser to let the user choose which ones to broadcast on the secondary screens.

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Finally, the latest novelty is rather a throwback, since Lite Mode is no longer available in Chrome. The latter allowed on Android and iOS to store data while loading web pages more quickly. The servers dedicated to this feature will soon be closed permanently.

The deployment of Chrome 100 has already started but may take several weeks before reaching all users. The update is available at Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

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