Comics classics that everyone should read

The classics are always the source from which modern works are inspired. Audiovisual culture is full of winks and tributes to works from the past, so if you don’t know them, you will always be missing something. Today we will show you a good list of comics classics that you should read yes or yes, both from our country and abroad.

Spanish comics

These are our proposals within Spanish comics.

Works by Carlos Giménez

We start this list with Carlos Gimémez, one of the authors who has contributed the most to Spanish comics, since he has played practically all genres and has been one of the creators who has fought the most for comics in our country.

Paracollos his most important work. Is a childhood autobiography of Carlos Giménez himself, who spent his first years of life in a Falangist boarding school where orphaned children or children from disadvantaged families were taken in. The children’s stories that appear in Paracollos They are real, although their identities are made up. Other very important works by this same author are Hom Y The professionals.

Galactic Tavern Stories

These comics were created by José María Beà in 1979, inspired largely for Star Wars. They were published in the 1984 magazine, and they tell anecdotes of different aliens on a space station. The stories are short, but always invite reflection in every episode.

Captain Thunder

captain Thunder

Captain Thunder is an adventure comic from medieval style inspired by The Warrior with the Mask. Was created by Victor Mora and it was published for the first time in 1956. This time was very marked by this theme, since in the United States Prince Valiente was published in parallel.

American newspaper comics

If you want to give US material a try, here are the best options.

Prince valiant

brave prince

It was created in 1937 by Harold foster and it was published in full-page color Sunday strips in various newspapers in the United States. Are counted stories based on the time of King Arthur with a very peculiar style. There are no speech bubbles; the text normally appears at the bottom of each panel, or in some area that the author left blank without coloring. Another genius of Foster is that characters of the work age at the same rate as publication.

Terry and the pirates

terry and the pirates

This adventure series tells the story of Terry Lee, a young man who travels to China to search for treasures with his tutor. The work was created by Milton caniff in 1934, but it was continued by George Wunder in 1946.

Rip kirby

rip kirby

It is a key work in the Police genre. Was published in daily strips for more than 50 years, between 1946 and 1999.

Its creator was Alex RaymondHowever, since 1956 he was the cartoonist John prentice who continued the legacy of Raymond, who unfortunately passed away in a traffic accident.

Johnny hazard

johhny hazard

We end this section with Johnny Hazard, a adventure play created by Frank Robbins and that it was published in daily and weekly strips between 1944 and 1977. Both publications had independent arguments.


A classic, the world of superheroes.


  • Fantastic Four: the stages of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are the ones that start the It was Marvel from the comics.
  • Spider-man: Spider-man is an essential in the world of comics, especially the stages of Stan Lee and Ditko Y Stan Lee and John Romita.
  • The Avengers: specifically, the editions that comprise the stages of Roy Thomas and John Buscemto.
  • Daredevil: Daredevil by Frank Miller and Daredevil Born Again (from Miller and David Mazzuchelli).


batman year one

  • Batman: Batman return of the lord of the night (from Frank Miller) and Batman Year One (from Miller and Mazzuchelli).
  • Superman by John Byrne.
  • Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Speaking of Moore, v for Vendetta is another essential work of this author, as well as The Swamp Thing.
  • Ronin by Frank Miller.

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