Control everything Alexa knows about you: how to clear your history

Despite the controversies that have arisen, little by little users have been relying more and more on smart speakers. Still, it never hurts to know what you can do to protect your privacy if you use them at home and how can you delete all history from Alexa. Yes, because Amazon’s voice assistant is possibly the most used of all.

What does Alexa know about you?

Some will say Alexa knows everything about you, because you are listening 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Well, the statement is somewhat exaggerated, but it is true that throughout the day those of us who use Amazon’s voice assistant are voluntarily telling you many things.

For example, we are telling you what kind of music we like every time we ask for a particular song or album. We are also telling you if we are interested in sports news or in any other subject according to the daily summary that you can make or the configuration of sources that we have made. And so with many other things.

Now, from there to listen to everything, record it and process it to be able to sneak in more products when you enter the Amazon online store or enter your bank account if while talking with your partner or a family member you tell them the ISBN number goes somewhat. What’s more, only the most paranoid will think that this is so, but they have it easy: do not use any type of smart speaker or other device that can make use of a voice assistant. Or, at least, none that can’t be configured to kill the mic.

By the way, the Amazon Echo have a button dedicated to that action of mute mic and you can make it listen only when you press the activation / listen button to see what you want to ask. Of course, this is how smart speakers lose all grace.

How to clear Alexa history

Despite the trust that many of us place in this type of technology, knowing how each and every one of the records that we make during the time we use it can be erased never hurts. We could even say that it is essential if you want to have control of technology at all times and avoid any possible doubt or suspicion that something happened because of having this or that product at home.

So, let’s see how you can manage all that information that Alexa is collecting when you interact with her. Also when, by mistake, understanding that the activation word has been spoken, it goes into listening mode.

To erase the history of Alexa there are different ways, although the first and fastest is to resort to the application that is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, with this app, which you can find for free through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, the first thing you have to do is the following:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  2. Next, at the bottom of the interface you will see a series of icons. Well, click on the one at the end, the one on the right that shows three lines and puts below the icon Plus
  3. Now, in the new window that has opened, you will see that if you slide your gaze towards the end (the lower part), the option to Exercise. Click there
  4. When you enter Activity you will see that two tabs appear at the top: Activity and Voice History. In Activity you will see that everything that you have asked and Alexa has done appears. For example, set a timer, play a song, etc. In Voice history you will be able to consult and manage the voice recordings that have been carried out in the different devices with Alexa that you have
  5. In each of these sections you can delete the entries individually in the Activity house and globally in Voice History, although by default the option given is to delete today’s recordings
  6. To delete all recordings, from the first to the last, regardless of what date they were made, then go to Showing and there filter to show All history. Also set other date ranges
  7. Ready, once you finish, all the data that you have decided will be deleted

This process that you carry out through the mobile application can also be done through your computer. To do this you just have to access the following web address of Once there you will see that on the left there is an option to review the history of the devices that you have associated with your Amazon account. And yes, you can delete everything and it includes managing permissions of the skills that you have active, etc.

Finally, if you have the option of activate voice suppression active, you can also ask Alexa to delete all this data from the history. To know if this option is active or not, you just have to go to the web address that we linked to before and in Manage your Alexa data, check if it is active or not.

How to delete Alexa history automatically

If this whole process, which is not complicated at all, is a bit annoying because you have to remember to do it, then you should know that there is also the possibility of establishing an automatic deletion every so often that you determine.

To configure the automatic deletion of the Alexa history you have to do the following:

  1. Access the Alexa website
  2. Click on the option Manage your Alexa data
  3. Then scroll down to the section Digital Home Device History
  4. There you will find the option Choose how long the history will be kept, click and set the time: until you delete it, for 18 months or for 3 months
  5. Choose what you want, give it to confirm and that’s it

Take advantage of Alexa by setting your privacy options

Ready, now that you know how to manage the Alexa history and other privacy options, it is time for you to forget anything else that generates doubts and start taking full advantage of voice assistants in general and Alexa in particular. it can offer.

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