Roborock S7 Max Ultra, MaxV, MaxV Ultra… what’s the difference?

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra in black

What a mess there will be more than one right now with so much name. And it is that despite having launched the 8 series, Roborock announced just a couple of weeks ago a new addition to its S7 range, that family that has given him so much joy and that seems to want to continue exploding with new models. The plan sounds great, there’s no doubt about it, however, the names thing… he’s doing it regularly. And it is that the brand already has several teams under very similar identities and that can confuse the staff a lot. Here we are, however, to clear up your doubts and explain the main differences between all the Roborock 7 Series models. Take note.

Roborock S7 Robot Data Comparison

If you were thinking of getting a robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock and Series 7 is the one that most attracts your attention, we must tell you that you have made a good choice, but that you may end up dizzy between so many names and models. And it is that this family currently consists of 7 different robots and yes, although it may not seem like it, none of them are exactly the same as others -although some are tremendously similar.

Well, to look at aspects that distinguish them (beyond their price that we have not included here due to the enormous variability that you can find between distributors), one of the essential points, without a doubt, is the accompaniment of a charging and self-emptying base or not. This can be key to extra comfort in cleaning your home (forgetting to empty the dust from the robot for weeks or days from the water tank is wonderful) as well as additional details such as the automatic washing of the mop or even its drying.

Roborock S7+

They all make the same noise and have the same battery capacity and run time, but the suction powerAs you will see, it differs quite a bit between the first two, the S7 and S7+, and the rest of the brothers.

Another aspect that may be interesting to consider is the ability to avoid obstacles. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the ones that don’t have it will run into the walls uncontrollably, but they won’t make as good an identification of the elements that they find in their path to avoid them as the ones that do have this ability.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum cleaner

Finally, there is the aesthetic aspect. Vacuum cleaners with a self-emptying base they take up a lot (those of the small module are noticeably smaller), so you have to think carefully about where you are going to place it at home.

S7 S7+ S7 MaxV S7 MaxV Ultra S7 MaxV Plus S7 Pro Ultra S7 Max Ultra
Self-emptying base/dock No Yes (small module) No Yeah Yes (small module) Yeah Yeah
mopping function Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Automatic mop wash No No No Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Automatic mop drying No No No No No No Yeah
obstacle avoidance No No Yeah Yeah Yeah No Yeah
Volume 67db 67db 67db 67db 67db 67db 67db
Battery 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh
dust deposit 470ml 400ml 400ml 400ml 400ml 400ml 350ml
suction power 2500pa 2500pa 5100pa 5,100Pa 5,100Pa 5100pa 5500pa
engine power 68W 68W 74W 74W 74W 69W 60W
Operating time 180 minutes 180 minutes 180 minutes 180 minutes 180 minutes 180 minutes 180 minutes
Available colours black and white black and white Black Black Black White black and white

With these considerations and the table that you have on these lines, surely you have much more clear what Roborock S7 is the best for you.

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