CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless, who needs cables?

There has been, for many years now, the belief that the performance of wireless keyboards cannot match that of wired ones, despite the fact that devices like this CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless, announced by CORSAIR in early September, allow us to categorically deny it. But of course, if we are fair, we must recognize that this was true in the early days of wireless technology applied to keyboards and mice. In those early days, the lag it was practically negligible for many tasks, but exceptionally high for those that required an almost immediate response.

Aware of the importance of improving in this regard, manufacturers such as CORSAIR have not hesitated so much to add the most innovative connection systems, such as developing their own technologies to get the most out of these connectivity protocols. Thus, as a consequence, we have been talking about wireless keyboards for a long time, like this CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless, which have little or nothing to envy their wired peers, at least for the vast majority of users. And for them, this K100 AIR also has the solution.

But to understand what we are talking about, we must already address the analysis of its connectivity options. At the wireless level, we can choose between technology High speed SLIPSTREAM WIRELESSwhich we already know from other CORSAIR keyboards and which offers very high performance, and Bluetooth low latency that we can configure, simultaneously, on up to three devices. To switch between them we will only have to press a key, and security is guaranteed thanks to the 128-bit AES encryption.

CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless, who needs cables?

Now, as I indicated before, what happens if that performance is generally adapted to your needs, but at more or less specific moments you need to reach the limit with a wired connection? well in that case You can also connect this CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless to the PC with a cable (Windows and macOS), thereby basing the connection on CORSAIR AXON hyper-processing technology, which provides a sampling rate of 8,000 hertz.

When it comes to its design, the CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless boasts of being the manufacturer’s thinnest gaming keyboard, and that is that it measures tjust 11 millimeters at the thinnest point of its structure, produced in brushed aluminium. For control, it integrates Tactile CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical switches, designed to offer a full touch sensation with a travel of only 0.8 millimeters.

Of course, and since we are talking about a keyboard gamingthe CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless cIt has RGB lighting, which we can manage and combine with the rest of the components and peripherals of our system through CORSAIR iCUE. If you use it with the keyboard in wireless mode, its battery provides up to 50 hours of autonomy, which is multiplied by four in case we use the keyboard with the lighting off.

The CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless Keyboard is now available for purchase through CORSAIR’s network of authorized retailers and resellers for an MSRP of €299.99.

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