Custom AirPods Max! so you can get them

We start with the option provided, in this case, by the kwmobile brand, which is increasingly capable of manufacturing more and better accessories for products that have the apple logo. In this case, these pads are made with artificial fur that stands out for the great resistance they have, they provide a really long useful life, something very important in headphone pads.

In addition, its soft foam makes the touch and feel that users have when putting on the headphones is very pleasant and comfortable. How could it be otherwise, these pads are available in different colors, such as blue, black, silver, pink and green, that is, the same colors in which the AirPods Max are available, so you can combine them perfectly .

Taoricen Replacement Cushion Pads

taoricen pads

The AirPods Max pads are, with total certainty, one of the most important elements of the construction of these headphones, since, after all, it is the surface with which the users’ ears come into contact with the AirPos Max. . But it is also that, with the ease of being able to remove them and put them on that exists in Apple headphones, these have become a item to customize completely.

These Taoricen pads are made using a high quality polyester stretch cloth, to which the corresponding sponge must also be added, resulting in durable, soft and comfortable pads. How could it be otherwise, you also have them available in a multitude of colors, which curiously, have the same finishes as those of the AirPods Max.

headphone covers

We leave aside the pads, which as we said are really important, and now we go with an element that, perhaps for the user experience, does not affect so much, but it does have two fundamental functions, which are the protection and the aesthetics of the product. These are the covers, both for the headphones and for the headband.

Spigen UltraHybrid Pro

Spigen UltraHybrid

We started this category of products to personalize your AirPods Max with the case provided by the Spigen brand, more than recognized in the world of accessories for Apple equipment. In this case perhaps it does not stand out so much for aesthetics, because it is completely transparentbut it does because of that extra protection it provides.

Is it so made of glass, favoring that the color of the headphones themselves can be shown, although they are really light so you will not have to worry about the weight that they may add. You also have to take into account that the manufacturing material does not take on this yellow tone over time, which we usually see in transparent covers for other devices from the Cupertino company.

Younsea Cases Compatible with AirPods Max

Younsea Covers compatible

We now turn to an option that will have a very big impact on the aesthetics of your AirPods Max. They are Younsea pads, made with premium and durable siliconebeing able to provide these headphones with both the protection and the style that each user wants.

With these pads you won’t have to worry about possible bumps and scratches that your AirPods Max may suffer, because they will always be well protected. As for the colors in which these pads are available, we find a great variety, with the color blue, zebra, gray, black, pine, pink and green.

FINTIE Silicone Case

FINTIE covers

One of the most complete options that all users can turn to both to personalize and to protect the integrity of their AirPods Max is the one provided by the FINTIE brand. Not only does this include package the corresponding covers for the headphones, but there is also a cover for the headband of these headphones.

covers for headphones They are made with the highest quality materials, made of durable silicone which will perfectly protect the device. The same goes for the cover. diadem, which is one of the most exposed elements of these AirPods Max, both when they are used and when they are “stored” in their case. The combination of both is available in different colors, such as black, midnight blue, gray and rose gold.

AWINNER Headband Cover

AWINNER headband

We leave the covers for the headphones and go with the covers for the AirPods Max headband. This was one of the parts that brought about the most debate regarding the construction and design of the headphones. In addition, also It is the most exposed element of allsince it will always be found outdoors and there is no way to protect it, unless you use an external case.

For this reason, and in order to also give a different touch of color to your headphones, this AWINNER brand cover is ideal for protect and personalize at the same time your AirPods Max. It is made of a soft and durable silicone material, so it does not affect the user experience. It is available in various colors such as white, gray, black, pink and green.

kwmobile Headband Cover

kwmobile cover headband

As we mentioned before, kwmobile is increasingly present in all the ranges of products that are created to complement the use of the Cupertino company’s equipment, and now we will talk about its covers for the AirPods Max headband. These are made of a silicone materialthat provides softness and flexibility, as well as a very pleasant touch.

Note that another of the characteristics that you have to take into account is that they are water resistant so you can wash the cover with total ease and comfort whenever you need it. As for the different finishes that you have available, we find the color white, grey, black and green.


Finally, obviously to personalize the experience and also, why not, the aesthetics of the AirPods Max, in this case when they are not being used, we have to talk about an essential accessory for the vast majority of users of these devices but that Apple, Well, it does not include the headphones themselves and they are the cases both to protect and to transport.

co2CREA Hard Travel Box Case

co2CREA case

Before we commented what it means for the integrity of the AirPods Max headband the fact that Apple does not provide a case that really protects the headphones, since the only function that the case has where they are “stored” is that of save battery. Well, if you are going to travel a lot with your Apple headphones and you do not want them to suffer damage when you put them in your backpack or suitcasethis co2CREA brand case is ideal for it.

It is made of high quality materials, it is very elastic, providing the necessary protection against possible blows it may receive, as well as dust and wear and tear. It is a case that has been conceived, designed and manufactured exclusively for the AirPods Max. In addition, it is available in an elegant black color that will make them go unnoticed.

ProCase Smart Case for AirPods MAX

ProCase pencil case

Procase is another of the brands that most often sticks its head out when we talk about accessories that have the purpose of protect the integrity of equipment of the Cupertino company. In this case, it provides an ideal case for the AirPods Max, given the imperative need to protect you whenever we leave the house with them on any trip.

The exterior is made of EVA, providing that durability and resistance to shocks, scratches and other external elements that may compromise the integrity of the headphones. It also has, inside, a mesh pocket with a large space that will come in handy to store cables. It is available in three different colors, such as black, gray and navy blue.

Case Cover for Apple AirPods MAX

AirPods Max Cover Case

We finish the compilation of cases with the one provided by the Yinke brand, which has an ideal product to be able to provide the AirPods Max with the protection they deserve, both for the great features they offer and for the price these headphones cost. Inside it has a soft velvet lining with a special design, which provides double protection for the device. It also has a inside pocket which will come in handy to be able to store other elements.

The manufacturing material of this case is EVA, providing durability and, of course, resistance to all those bumps and scratches that can suffer from daily use. This case is available in several colors, which are black, blue, gray, green and red, which are just the finishes in which the AirPods Max are found, so you will have the opportunity to either mix several colors, or simply acquire your case the same color as your headphones.

The ideal combo?

As usual in this type of compilation, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which of all the options that we have proposed in this post, are the ones that most convince us. Obviously you have to take into account that these are totally personal preferences, which respond to very subjective needs and tastes, so we encourage you to be yourself who chooses those options that best suit your needs. These are ours:

  • Best pads: kwmobile Ear tips compatible with Apple AirPods Max.
  • Best earphone covers: Younsea Cases Compatible with AirPods Max.
  • Best headband cover: AWINNER Headband Cover.
  • Best case: Case Cover for Apple AirPods MAX.

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