Cyberpunk 2077 becomes more futuristic with this “intelligent” mod

One of CD Projekt RED’s promises from the launch of the game cyberpunk 2077 was that it would be mod friendly. The game, already known to all, is truly futuristic, but now it will be even more so. A user named “tomatojuice” has created a mode called Cyber ​​AIwhich adds artificial intelligence to the game.

Something unusual is that video game developers support, promote and facilitate the creation of mods. One of the quintessential games when it comes to mods is Minecraft. We have other games that have received mods or added elements, such as Counter Strike, which in turn is a Half Life mod.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game that incentivizes the creation of these additional elements to the game. Obviously, it’s not as straightforward as for the games we’ve mentioned above. This latest mod is quite interesting and adds a new dimension to the game.

Artificial intelligence for a futuristic game

Really, if we stop to think about it, there is no better possible mod for cyberpunk 2077that put one that integrate artificial intelligence. It is an element that fits very well with the game and its history.

Currently, the mod Cyber ​​AI It is available on NexusMods. It promises to add a lot of content to anyone who wants to try it. Through the command console and through the capabilities of ChatGPT, we will be able to code extreme mods.

According to the creator, this tool can be used, among other things, to create custom dialogues with NPCs. Dynamic Plot Generation allows you to create entire stories and side quests based on in-game events or player actions. Procedural Mission Planning helps generate new missions with in-game context, NP data, and other player preferences.

cyberpunk 2077 game

It also adds a system for creating interactive environments. Through AI, dynamic environmental conditions can be generated while allowing the interaction between elements to be improved.

One thing you could do is create a script to check if he npc removed is of type personalized. If so, I know triggers a story generated by ChatGPT, since it can interact with all the mechanics of the game.

The creator, “tomatojuice” says that imagination is the limit in this case. In addition, it offers flexibility to connect with other learning models than ChatGPT. Come on, the possibilities are really endless and it gives a new dimension to the game.

Other great mods

The truth is that, given the openness of the developers, many have created mods for Cyberpunk 2077. Some of the most interesting are:

  • Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks: In addition to allowing the correction of errors and game crashes, it allows you to use the development menu to enable new options. We can skip the main menu or make traffic and pedestrians disappear.
  • Simplified Inventory – Inventory is a bit of a mess and unwieldy, so there’s a tool that makes it easier. Elements with the same physical effect are unified, we don’t know why, they usually occupy different spaces. Now the organization is much clearer and simplified.
  • Better Minimap: allows us to adapt the minimap to our liking in a simple way, integrating different zooms. They have not broken their heads with the name either.
  • Better Vehicle Handling: driving is one of the weak points of the game, quite crude and strange. To improve it, they have created a mod that makes it more realistic and elaborate. It doesn’t fix vehicle issues, but it improves the user experience.

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