Change your keyboard for this mechanical, with RGB, perfect for working and playing for less than 50 euros

If we need to spend many hours in front of the computer, be it studying, working or simply playing, to make the experience as pleasant as possible, we should invest a little more money. If we take advantage of any of the different offers that we can find on Amazon, all the better, since, in addition, we can save money to invest in other accessories.

The e-commerce giant offers us the Newskill Suiko keyboard, an ideal keyboard to play, study or work for only 49.95 euros, which represents a discount of almost 30% compared to the original price. We are talking about the Newskill Suiko, a keyboard that has an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 possible after receiving more than 450 reviews.

Characteristics of the Newskill Suiko

The offer available in this model corresponds to the one with the blue switches, since the version with brown switches does not have any kind of discount. The keys with anti-ghosting so that, if we place our hands slightly above the keyboard, no key will be accidentally pressed, a very important function in games.

Continuing with the keys, we can not stop working that it is a keyboard RGB, so the keys illuminate using more than 16 million colors. The lighting, in addition to the keys, also has lighting on the edge of the keyboard, so if you like this type of lighting, this is the keyboard you are looking for.

In addition, it includes macro keys, keys to which we can assign specific functions, such as, for example, opening certain applications or performing tasks that, automatically, tasks that we must configure previously. It also has media keyswhich allows us to manage the playback of songs and the volume level without using the Windows taskbar.

Unlike other cheaper keyboards, where the lights are customized from the keyboard itself, the manufacturer Newskill offers us a complete application from which we can also assign macro functions to the keys.

Unlike many other keyboards, Newskill’s Suiko includes a wrist rest, which will make the user experience much more comfortable if we are used to resting our hands lightly on the bottom of the keyboard. Weighing a kilo and a half, this model is among the heaviest in this segment, so it will be fixed to the table and will not move a millimeter while we are enjoying the action of our favorite games.

The usual price of this keyboard is 69.95 euros, however, throughout today we can find it for only 49.95 euros, which is a 29% discount on its original pricea price that is its historical minimum, so if you have been looking for a keyboard for a long time, you should not miss this offer.

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