Data4 invests in projects for carbon neutrality around the world

The operator and investor of the European continent, Data4, has signed agreements with different private foresters with the aim of capturing the carbon emissions emanating from the residual gases of greenhouse gases. These attributed to scopes 1 and 2 in relation to the activities of the same organization producers of direct emissions of carbon dioxide gases.

Data4 is one of the members that signed the “Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact” agreement since January 2021. On that occasion, the company made clear its ambition to contribute to a future with less carbon emissions in the digital ecosystem. They plan to apply these intentions in their strategy center for sustainable development.

Under this premise, Data4 has committed itself to the mission to contribute to carbon neutrality throughout the world through solid activities that contribute to the cause. An example is the development of natural sinks for carbon. With its first investment made for these reasons, Data4 intends to capture the residual emissions of greenhouse gases caused by its activities.

In the meantime, the company decides to add a new component to its program for sustainability. One of its objectives is to eliminate the emission of more than 2,700 tons of CO2 in Europe. This new component serves as an extra for the work of measuring your own emissions in the 3 scopes. All this is part of its ambitious project to reduce greenhouse gas or GHG emissions.

Projects to help with international carbon neutrality are complemented by action plans to reduce them. These are priorities for the group.

Methods to use for carbon neutrality

One of the methods that they plan to apply to measure their own emissions is to create a balance using the methodology recommended by the GHG Protocol. In the first scope, all direct emissions will be measured, such as those produced by a car.

On the other hand, in scopes two and three, all indirect emissions will be measured. Since this is a more complex measurement, the help of two scopes is needed to complete the job.

Data4 has a mission to build campuses with fully connected, resilient and accountable data centers. The goal is to support the growth of customers in Europe while working with sustainable energy. The company is one of the leading operators and investors of information collection centers across Europe.

One of the main objectives of Data4 is to encourage the digital growth of its users in a sustainable way. At the same time, it tries to create solutions of scalable, secure, and above all sustainable information hosting. The estimated scope is that they go from a single rack, to an entire dedicated building.

In this sense, Data4 operates some of the most important information center campuses on the continent. Their approximate reserves of energy and land reach figures of 137 hectares for 384MW, which makes them unique in the continental market. Data4 has around 25 data centers under the brand distributed in different European countries. They host foreign cloud and telecommunications operators.

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