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Prequel to the series, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has just been released in Japan. What do we know about the film which is also due to land in France?

Jujutsu kaisen is arguably one of the most popular manga in the world. The series adapted from this shonen is equally famous and has been making Crunchyroll’s heyday since 2020. As fans anxiously await Season 2, slated for next year, Jujutsu kaisen returns to our screens during a film. Back to what we already know about the project.

When is Jujutsu Kaisen 0 released in France?

During JujuFes 2021, MAPPA shared the release date of this new chapter. In Japan, the meeting was set for December 24 in cinemas. However, we do not yet know when it will be released in France. We can nevertheless hope that things do not drag on too much, especially given the success of the series in France.

As to where we will probably have to wait until MAPPA studio decides what will be done with the film. We can nevertheless expect to find the saga on Crunchyroll, as is the case for the series.

Where does the plot lie?

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is a prequel to the original series. Adapted from Tokyo School of Exorcism, this feature film will follow the adventures of Yuta Okkutsu, a rather unusual young man. The teenager is haunted by a plague, an extremely dangerous spirit who does not hesitate to attack anyone who would like to harm his host! And for good reason, the creature in question is none other than the ghost of his childhood friend, Rika, who died in horrible circumstances.

Under these conditions, it is very difficult for the high school student to lead a normal life! After yet another accident caused in his establish, Yuta is recovered by a certain Satoru Gojo, professor at the Tokyo school of exorcism, who decides to teach him to master the occult energy. However, we should find some characters from the series, starting with Maki, Panda and Inumaki. The opportunity to see them from a new angle, before Yuta’s adventures.

Note, however, that if the plot is located before, it is recommended to see the entire series because the film promises to plunge us directly into the heart of its universe. After all, it is primarily aimed at fans.

Park Seong-Ho in the making

Behind the scenes, the creators of the series will be there. In addition to the MAPPA studio, already at work on Jujutsu kaisen, we will find Sunghoo Park in the realization. This will be his first foray on the big screen, after having worked for several years in television. Among his notable achievements, we can cite The God of High School (2020) and of course the series Jujutsu kaisen. The universe is therefore in good hands.

All that remains is to wait for MAPPA to decide to announce a French release date to discover this new part of the franchise.

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