Deutsche Telekom adds a third-party remote for Apple TV

With this news, the first rumors about the launch of the next-generation Apple TV come to mind. And it is that at that time all users thought that after a series of errors Apple would modify the Apple TV by adding a new Siri Remote, this ended up finally arriving and now Deutsche Telekom takes another step by offering an alternative Apple TV remote control with only physical buttons and focused on cable TV companies.

In this sense we have never before seen a third-party remote control that works with Apple TV and as MacRumors indicates, Deutsche Telekom is the first company in the world to offer the Universal Electronics remote control to customers purchasing a new Apple 4K TV directly with the operator with a subscription to Magenta TV.

This remote control appeared among rumors as we indicated at the beginning of the article believing that it would be Apple’s new Siri Remote. Finally, the design of the Apple remote control was changed but it did not become like the one we have in the header image and we finally discover who it is from. In this sense, Deutsche Telekom has confirmed that the remote control has been Apple certified and designed to work with both tvOS and the Magenta TV platform. Right now you cannot buy this remote control from Universal Electronics separately, but of course you can buy the Siri Remote in the Apple store and others.

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