Diablo 4: a gigantic leak reveals the customization of the characters and the levels of difficulty

Diablo 4 shows itself a little more today thanks to this big leak which shows a lot about the menus of the game. It is in particular a question of taking a look at the creation of characters and the various options available to customize it to wish. We also discover the different difficulty modes, before the big return of the hardcore level.

Credits: Blizzard

We had to be (very) patient, but Diablo 4 is finally starting to show up. The game is recently available in closed alpha and, from what we have heard, the feedback is particularly positive. A boon for Blizzard, which, although its game earns it millions of dollars, has suffered the wrath of fans since the release of Diablo Immortal and its controversial economic model.

Today, a new leak tells us more about how the game works, including the options available in its menus. The images give pride of place to character creation, a pivotal moment in any self-respecting RPG, by revealing the different customization options. As expected, it will thus be possible to modify the face and body of his avatar at will, while dressing him in various accessories and tattoos.

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diablo 4 character customization

Hardcore mode will make a comeback in Diablo 4

In addition, it will be possible to choose between creating an ordinary, seasonal or hardcore character. The connoisseurs of the saga will know what it is for this last option. Indeed, the hardcore mode induces the activation of the permadeath mode. Translation: if your character dies during the game, he dies for good, leaving behind him the potential hours of play and all the accumulated equipment.

diablo 4 adventurer veteran

Without having to come to such extremes, we also discover that Diablo 4 will let the player choose to be guided by the name of the interface, although this aspect is still relatively vague. Finally, the characters will be assigned the Adventurer or Veteran status, which will each give access to several less loot and experience. The game is scheduled for release next year on PC and consoles.

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