Differences between IDE and code editor to program

The truth is that right now we have a good number of platforms, services and programs that can help us with all of this. They provide us with everything necessary to start in this sector and thus develop our projects in the best way. In addition, considering the advancedness of current software, these solutions must be up to the task of offering us the best in terms of functionality.

Whether we are ready to develop our own applications, games, or projects that will form part of larger ones, we have to choose well the environment in which we are going to work. Part of this will depend on the success or productivity that we are going to obtain when developing and writing code. For many, starting to work on the development of a project of these characteristics is a ritual that requires thorough preparation.

What characterizes a code editor

Therefore, it is essential to choose well the software in which we are going to spend so many hours of concentration and work. Precisely for these reasons that we are commenting on, we are going to have to distinguish between a code editor conventional and an IDE. Thus, the first thing we need to know is that a code editor refers to a program similar to a text editor conventional that is characterized by being light.

Here we can work on our development projects without the environment consuming just RAM or processor of the team. This is something more essential if we have a limited PC in terms of hardware, or old. It is also important to know that these editors are usually compatible with several programming languages ​​in order to offer us greater versatility and utility.

Also, and to complete them we have the possibility on many occasions to install plugins and extensions.

Differences between an editor and an IDE

However, if we decide to use a SDI, here we are going to find some important differences, especially at a functional level. And it is that, when talking about these programs, we find what is called integrated development environments. It could be said that in this case we work on programs for large projects which are covered here in their entirety, from start to finish.

When talking about IDEs, we come across software that is especially suitable for handling multiple files belonging to our project. In addition, it can be said that they are powerful tools, unlike code editors, which are much simpler.

They also have support for use of multiple extensions what add languages ​​and frameworks to the environment. The truth is that sometimes these integrated development environments can be somewhat disconcerting for users. novice programmers. Some reasons for all this are all the functions and possibilities that are presented to us by default.

Despite this, for many it is the best way to start entering the world of programming. Once we get used to your interface and operation, we will see that they make our development tasks much easier. It must be said that here we find functions such as syntax highlighting, command checkers, debuggers what point out errors in the codeand much more.

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