Dinosaur World: pre-orders for the board game are open

Pandasaurus Games announced the opening of pre-orders for its next one board game Dinosaur World: it is a management software of a certain “weight” in which we will be called to manage an amusement park / dinosaur zoo.

Let’s find out what is hidden inside the box of the new title of Brian Lewis, David McGregor And Marissa Measure.

Pre-orders are open for the Dinosaur World board game

Dinosaur World is a game for 2 to 4 players, lasting about 30 minutes per player. The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign to be delivered to lenders in the coming months, the game is a sort of sequel to the previous Dinosaur Island (here the review of the Italian edition by Ghenos Games).

The title uses a tile placement and worker placement mechanic to replicate the experience of running a Jurassic zoo. We will be called to build structures for the park, create new dinosaurs to increase interest and, above all, adapt safety so that all our visitors do not become the lunch of our attractions.

Pre-orders for Dinosaur World are already open on the Pandasaurus Games shop; you can also buy 4 different thematic expansions to enrich the play experience right away. For now there is an edition in English only, and it is not known if a localized edition in our language will ever arrive. You will certainly be able to read more about it on our pages if and when we see Dinosaur World also in Italian.

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