Disney titillates fans with images from the filming

Just a few weeks before the release of season 2 of Loki, Disney is determined to satisfy the most impatient fans with this new, unique trailer. The opportunity to see some images from the shoot and to get the feeling of the main characters as a bonus.

Credits: Disney

As you may know, the best Marvel series released to date, namely Loki, will be getting a second season on Disney+. The appointment is already set for October 6, 2023 on the streaming platform.

And suffice to say that the hype is at its highest. Indeed, the last trailer for this season 2 revealed at the beginning of August blew up all the counters. The trailer exceeded 80 million views in just 24 hours all platforms combined and in the process won the prize for the most watched trailer for a Marvel series.

Loki will discover what it is to be a hero

While the release is fast approaching, the big-eared firm has decided to speed up communication around its new series a bit. Proof, Disney has just released a new, never-before-seen trailer. Shorter than the previous one, it above all allows you to discover new images from the filming and to have the feelings of certain main actors like Tom Hiddleston obviously, but also Sophia di Martino in the role of Sylvie or even Ke Huy Quan.

The Oscar-winning actor Everything Everywhere All At Once is a newcomer to the Marvel stable, to his greatest pleasure: “I’ve been a fan of the Marvel Universe for so long, I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible series”. As you may know, Owen Wilson will also be making his return as VAT’s Morbius Money.

And for those who were wondering, it will indeed be Morbius from the first season, and not a new variant. Kevin R. Wright, executive producer of Loki season 2, confirmed the good news in this excerpt: “Rest assured, our Loki will be with our Morbius, and they will have to deal with the consequences of the first season together.” According to Tom Hiddleston, this new season will mainly focus on the profound change in Loki’s personality. Having always considered himself a supervillain, the god will discover what it is to be a true hero, to be a member of a family and to have deep relationships.

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