Do I have to pay to upgrade AnyDesk?

A few years ago, when a friend or family member asked us for help with their PC due to a problem, we had to go to their house to try to solve it. But things have changed a lot in this regard, mainly thanks to remote desktop applications like AnyDesk.

This type of program in particular allows us to connect and manage other devices remotely. We can even make use of all this from our mobile device if the selected application is compatible. As you can imagine, a wide range of possibilities opens up here, both for the end user and for the company. Much of the blame for all this lies with the internet connections that we have today. A clear example of all this can be found in the powerful remote desktop program, AnyDesk.

This is a sector that is covered by a good number of applications, both free and paid, that are responsible for solving this type of situation. Keep in mind that many companies make use of all this to solve the failures of their products in their customers’ equipment. We must bear in mind that not only is the functional level of the program important here, but security also plays a fundamental role. Precisely for all this, this type of software integrates some interesting functions to protect the remote connections that we make.

anydesk interface

In addition to the technology itself, possible attacks and malicious code are also constantly evolving. This is something that the different current software developers must take into account. Hence precisely the importance of updates that send us if we use your products on the computer.

So you can update AnyDesk remote control software

If we focus on the proposal that we mentioned earlier, AnyDesk, we must bear in mind that we are referring to a business payment program at enterprise level. However, if we use it ourselves for personal use, the application is free. In fact, we can make use of a portable version that starts up as soon as we run the corresponding executable that we download, which makes it easier for us to use.

We can also create our own account in the application, something more than recommended if we will make extensive use of it, although it is not essential. In regards to his updatesSome may wonder if we will have to pay for them in any of the situations mentioned. It must be said that these elements that reach us periodically allow us to have the latest features and patch the latest vulnerabilities detected.

This means that, as is the case with most programs, keep AnyDesk up to date at all times It is a very important recommendation. Now, some of you may be wondering about the possibility of doing this. As the developers of the program themselves inform us, we will not have any problem In this regard. With this, what we want to tell you is that we already use the free or paid version of the application, we will get the updates that are released at no cost.

anydesk license

All this translates into the fact that in all cases we will have the latest functions launched by the creators of the program. Likewise, we will be suitably protected in the remote connections that we make.

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