Do you like Opera One’s “tab islands”? In Chrome you have them with this extension

Opera One was launched this week, a new version of the veteran web browser with different novelties of interest, among which are the “tab islands”, a new organization feature that it has its own, but that is not its invention or exclusivity, and that is that if you are Chrome users and you like the idea, you have them at your fingertips by installing an extension.

Before, a brief introduction to the islands of tabs, which is nothing more than the groups of Chrome tabs, released by the Google browser almost three years ago and with more than one incremental improvement behind it, but with a slight tweak aesthetic and practical. In essence, Opera creates your tab groups automatically from open tabs from an already open tab.

Opera tab groups

Opera One tab islands

It sounds a bit confusing, but the truth is that it is simple as a jug: the tabs that you open from an already open tab (for example, if you open new tabs with the links that this article includes) will be added to the same group; however, if you open a new tab using the new tab button, it will be independent from the rest, that is, the operation will be the same as it has always been. It is understood?

If not, you can try it first in Opera and then install the extension that I am going to recommend, one of the many that exist in the same style for Chrome, although after trying a few it is the one that I liked the most because it practically replicates the basic operation of Opera’s islands of tabs, adding some additional customization options.

The extension is Tabius – Automatic Tab Grouping Assistant.

Tab groups in Chrome with Tabius

Tab groups in Chrome with Tabius

Tabius options include:

  • Automatic grouping with two criteria: the opening from the same tab as it works in Opera, or by the same domain.
  • Assign the name of the group according to the domain or subdomain, as well as do not assign any namejust one color (as in Opera, that saves space).
  • Set the maximum number of tabs per group.
  • Delete groups when only one tab remains open
  • autocollapse inactive tab groups.

Do you want more? Advanced users have the ability to set up custom rules and a blacklist. In short, in Tabius you have everything that Opera One’s tab islands offer and much more, but without unnecessary complications (unless you want to get bogged down with the advanced options).

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