Do you want to improve in Fortnite? then you need this mouse

It is difficult for there to be a person in the world of gaming who does not know a game like Fortnite. This title has been progressively climbing positions until reaching a level that few can enjoy, with a very large player base and therefore, with a lot of competition to win. But for this you need a good mouse, since the rivals improve and without a TOP model everything becomes more complicated. Therefore, we are going to recommend the best mouse for Fortnite at the moment.

If you had to choose between hundreds of gaming mice, surely you would not stay with just one. Having the options at hand, the differences between top models are minimal and everything is more adjusted to our needs than to the performance that they can offer us and except for some specific characteristic, the choice will go through a global calculation. So which mouse is the one we should buy?

What mouse do we need in this game?

First we go with the needs, since we are talking about a specific mouse for a game, which is quite peculiar in itself. We need a light mouse, with a sensor with 1:1 tracking and given the amount of movement, it does not hurt to integrate precision correction in case we are not good enough aiming at high speed movements.

Sharpshooters won’t want this, so you have to be versatile about it. We don’t need many buttons, so two sides would be more than enough and of course we need it to be ergonomic. The rest of the features that they offer us are added that they may or may not like, but in any case it has to be precise and with great mobility.

Therefore, we have chosen a mouse that, in addition to what has been said and complies 100% with everything described, has a couple of extra features that make it the best option available today.

The best gaming mouse for Fortnite is…

The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT. The reasons are varied, starting with its professional LIGHTSPEED technology, where there is no real difference between a wired and a wireless mouse, being the pioneer company in this aspect with response times equal to wired.

In addition, it weighs less than 63 grams thanks to a novel design with a very peculiar internal structure that makes it ambidextrous at the same time. We have to talk logically about the sensor, since this HERO25K part of the base of a PixArt 3360 that if it is not the best sensor designed to date, it will be very close.

As a good wireless mouse, it has a battery with technology POWERPLAYwhich guarantees up to 40 hours of play and has the peculiarity that if we have a mat from the brand we will never have to charge it with a cable, since the mat will do it for us, something to keep in mind for comfort.

All this together with its specific click tension system, its ultra-fast response time with polling rate of 1,000 Hz with 1 ms and its dimensions 125 x 63.5 x 40mm make this mouse without a doubt the recommended choice for Fortnite as the best gaming mouse that we can buy today.

Positive Negative
HERO sensor Price
25,000 DPI
Configurable to the maximum

The only drawback that we can see is its price, and that is that it goes above 150 euros as a normal rate, but it is really worth it and we can wait for specific offers where it has been seen below 100 euros.

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