Does changing the WiFi name help? This you should know

Normally what we change most frequently is the Wi-Fi password. It is the main barrier that will keep intruders away from the network. However, there is also the option of giving another name. Normally, the default network name will correspond to the router model we have or the operator with which we have contracted the Internet.

Why change the name of Wi-Fi

First, let’s talk about some circumstances in which it may be useful for you to change the Wi-Fi network name. It is a process that you will be able to do at any time, simply by entering the router configuration. There, you can change the name that comes from the factory.

Better identification

One reason to change the name of the Wi-Fi network is simply to be able to better identify your router. Maybe you live in an apartment where there are many networks and if you have a generic name, for example of the Internet company and some letter or digit, it is not always easy to quickly identify it when you need it.

By entering another name, one of your own that has nothing to do with the one that comes from the factory, you can avoid this problem. It will be easier for you to find your Wi-Fi among so many wireless networks that are available.

Privacy from inexperienced users

Another reason for wanting to change the name is simply to improve the privacy. Maybe you don’t want your neighbors to know what Internet company you have, what router model, or even change another name you previously set that is exposing some of your personal information.

Now, this is really only going to work for inexperienced users, who only do a basic search. If it is a knowledgeable person, they could still detect the router model and changing the name would really be of little use in this case.

What is it not good for?

But you should keep in mind that sometimes it is not useful for what we are going to explain. It doesn’t really improve your safety, nor is it going to make the device work better. At least, not in general terms. You will always be able to protect yourself a little more from inexperienced users, as we have explained.

Improve security

Something you should know is that it doesn’t really improve the security change the name of the Wi-Fi network. As we have explained, there are methods to see the router model, even if you hide the name. A person who knows how to do it will be able to find out and your privacy and security will not increase.

Therefore, there will be no less chance that an attacker can steal your Wi-Fi password or launch an attack to compromise your network. It is more of something visible, something that they will see when searching, but it will not affect the protection.

Increase speed or coverage

It’s not going to improve either speed or coverage. The wireless network will work no matter whether it has one name or another. It is not something that has an impact beyond, perhaps, scaring away neighbors who know that this network is yours and want to try to set regular passwords to see if any of them match.

To improve speed or coverage, what you should keep in mind is updating the router, installing repeaters and locating it correctly. This way, you can have a more stable connection and avoid problems.

In short, as you can see, changing the name of the Wi-Fi doesn’t really add much. Even though you can better identify the network or even prevent your neighbors from knowing that it is yours, you will not get an improvement in the connection, nor in security. You can always see if the router has been hacked, if you are concerned about security.

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