Don’t fall for these Prime Day scams! They can steal all your data

Hackers often take advantage of certain dates to launch attacks and steal passwords, control devices or sneak viruses. A clear example is the Amazon Prime Day, a designated date in which we can find many products on sale. What do cybercriminals do? They can launch fake offers through different means. Therefore, we are going to explain how you should protect yourself and not fall into the trap so as not to have security problems.

It is possible that you are looking for offers these days to buy a product that you have been looking at for a long time. Maybe you receive a message on WhatsApp, for example, with a supposedly great Prime Day offer and you decide to click. That’s where the problem starts. That is just what hackers expect you to do.

Hoaxes for Prime Day

The most common is that you are scams come to you through a message. It can be by WhatsApp, but also by social networks or email. They are going to send you a link so that you can access very good offers, discount codes or anything that attracts your attention. They will look for your curiosity so that you end up entering the link.

This scam is often accompanied by messages of the type: “Look at this Amazon offer!”, “Could this low price on X product be true?”. But beware, it is possible that you receive these messages even from friends or family, since they may have been previously attacked. They will not necessarily reach you through unknown numbers.

In social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, you could receive similar messages. They may be posts that are available to anyone, but they may also reach you through a direct message. In all cases, the objective will be the same: to take the bait and get scammed by taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day.

They could ask you to download a file to see the offers, to put some type of personal data to access a website and see the information, to put your Amazon password to enter the discounts… The options are very varied, but they always go to seek to steal your data or passwords.

Brands used Phishing

How to protect yourself

What can you do to protect yourself and not fall into the trap these days of Amazon Prime? Undoubtedly the best is common sense and not make mistakes. Never log into your account through third-party links, or download a file that you are invited to by email, WhatsApp or social networks, if you are not sure that it is reliable.

It is also convenient to have protected equipment. A good antivirus can help you greatly in solving problems. It will be useful to detect malicious software that reaches your system and receive alerts as soon as it detects that something could be a danger to your security and privacy.

Another essential factor is to have All updated. This will allow you to fix certain vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. They could take advantage of a bug in the browser, in the Windows system or any application. Therefore, to avoid this it is necessary to always have the latest versions.

In short, as you can see, you must be alert these days of Amazon Prime Day. Scams may come to you and you should always check very well where you are entering. We leave you our Amazon Prime showcase so you can see interesting products on sale related to networks and home automation.

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