European Union leaders sacked Angela Merkel; received a standing ovation

The EU leaders they fired yesterday from the eEuropean stage to the German leader Angela Merkel, during a day in which the sensitive subject of the immigration policy.

Merkel, who participated in Brussels from its 107th European Summit, received a standing ovation from the other leaders, who highlighted his continental influence in his 16 years in power.

At the farewell ceremony, European Council President Charles Michel said that EU summits “without Angela are like Rome without the Vatican or Paris without the Eiffel Tower,” said a European source.

Michel mentioned that “your farewell to the European scene touches us politically, but also fills us with emotion. You are a monument.”


It is yesterday’s day, European leaders concentrated on discussing the migration policy of the European bloc. The leaders, particularly those from eastern countries, accuse the Belarusian government of using clandestine migration as a political weapon, allowing the passage of migrants to neighboring countries.

For this reason, several countries defended the need to implement “barriers” at the external borders of the EU, an idea of ​​extreme sensitivity in the bloc.

In a letter to the European Commission 12 countries They also asked that the construction and installation of the “barriers” be financed with money from the European Union itself.

In this sense, President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen cleared up any doubts: “I have been very clear that (…) there will be no funding for barbed wire or walls” against migrants, he said.

After several hours of discussions, the adopted Declaration mentions that “the EU remains determined to guarantee effective control of its external borders”, but without mentioning other details.

The document also “invites the European Commission” to propose eventual changes in the legal framework to allow “concrete measures supported by adequate financial support and allow an immediate and appropriate response.”

AFP, EFE and Reuters



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